April Newsletter
For Leaders Driving Customer Centricity

Don Peppers recently posted a great article on how companies can benchmark their customer centric transformation.

If you are not familiar with Don, here is a little background:

Don is recognized as a global authority on marketing and business competition. His first book, The One to One Future, written with Martha Rogers in 1993, is widely credited with having launched the CRM revolution.

Since that time he has written a collection of best selling books that have sold more than a million copies around the world.

If you ever have the chance to see him speak, you will not be disappointed, he is a great story teller that presents with passion, energy and inspiration!


Benchmarking Your Customer-Centric Transformation
In this post Don describes how companies should think about benchmarking their transformation to a customer centric organization...
The Customer Culture Imperative
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Measure Your Customer-Centric Culture
The Market Responsiveness Index (MRI)™ provides a powerful benchmark by which companies can rank and rate their level of responsiveness to customers needs, competitive threats, and market and business environmental changes against other companies in their industry and adjacent markets.
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