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Too Busy For Yourself Means Too Busy For Your Health

By Dr. Bo Rosenblat, Chief Physician for Dr. Bo's Diet

Have you ever gotten too hungry to care about the food you choose to eat?
When we go from hungry to starving, or worse ... starving to famished - it simply becomes impossible to think clearly and make healthy choices. We're likely to grab anything in sight (ignoring the consequences) and eat as much as we can, as fast as we can, completely abandoning any portion control.  
While there are some rare occasions when things are totally out of your control and you simply must eat, more often than not we are to blame for our own poor planning or lack of scheduling meals appropriately.  To ensure you never become too hungry to care, you must prioritize meal planning and scheduling like you would anything else that is important to you. You wouldn't wait until the last second before deciding what to say at a big meeting, right? Plan each day to minimize deviations.
Remind yourself daily: Preparation is key. Schedule of eating is crucial.
This process can seem daunting at first.  The pressures of everyday life will get in your way.  Push back and remind yourself why you started down this path toward weight-loss, weight management, and a healthier lifestyle.  In our office sits a sign that reads: "When you feel like giving up, remember why you started."
Patients often express they feel too busy to prepare lunch everyday. When I hear this I often think of an analogy I heard years ago which highlights the importance of prioritization in our life. If it is a priority to look and feel good about ourselves, then it always takes time. We have to do a laundry or drop off the dry cleaning if we want clean clothes. We have to shower and shave if we want to maintain proper hygiene. We have to spend the time doing our hair or donning our makeup if we want to look and feel right. This all takes time but we do it over and over again without thinking about it too much, because it is a priority for us. Have you ever showed up to work in pajamas, with morning-breath, and hair in every direction? If so, the excuse "I don't have time to prepare my lunch" is accepted. However, if not - then ask yourself why is one a priority for me and the other not? Healthy eating requires preparation which is a necessity not a luxury ... just like taking a shower does!  
Try to create a food prep routine for yourself. In the beginning this may feel like a lot of effort but you will save yourself from unwanted deviations.  Additionally, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort food prepping daily. Find a time that works for you and dedicate it to meal planning and prep (weekends are usually best for this). Some ideas to try:
  • Cut all vegetables before they even go into the fridge.
  • Wash all of your fruits and allow to air dry. This is especially important for berries, which will last much longer this way. 
  • Portion off your proteins and package individually after cooking.
  • Boil up some eggs and have them peeled and ready in the fridge.
These are easy ways you will be able to grab quick and healthy meals without having to feel like a slave to preparation all week. 

Dr. Bo Rosenblat is a board-certified medical doctor and Chief Physician of Dr. Bo's Diet Center with office locations in Hewlett & Manhasset. For more information about Dr. Bo's Diet program, please call 516-284-8248 or visit  www.DrBosDiet.com

Did You Know?

Did you know that eating seasonally isn't just important because fruits and vegetable are tastier...they're actually more nutritious!  Why?
In season produce is likelier to be fresher and consumed closer to harvesting resulting in higher nutritional value and key benefits. Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, folate and carotenes rapidly decrease the longer produce goes uneaten. Locally grown in-season fruits and vegetables have been harvested more recently resulting in a higher quality. Larger chains and supermarkets often buy out-of -season produce that has been gassed, irradiated (a burst of radiation to kill germs) and preserved in wax to extend the shelf life.

Tip: Try buying from a local farmers market (check Google to find one near you). Your produce will not only be more nutritious but also less expensive and far tastier.

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( Note: Recipe makes four Phase 2 servings but protein may be adjusted to create two Phase 3 servings.)

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