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Soul Mate Publishing is proud to offer high-quality romances. We opened our doors in October (2011) and are happy to report we're steadily growing. Our talented authors continue to garner excellent book reviews. 

From sweet to sexy, you can find the romance you're looking for at 
Soul Mate Publishing.
Lily's the last of her kind. Matteo's a prisoner of the Fates. They shouldn't be friends. They definitely shouldn't become lovers. Because Matteo can never be set free, and Lily has to go save the world.

And you thought you had relationship problems.

A traffic accident involving her daughter Lennie's school bus thrusts Alex into the path of her former lover, now Police Chief Connor Smith. When Lennie goes missing from her hospital bed, Alex and Connor team up to find her. But what else will Alex discover as she faces down her past?

In modern-day Bath, Adele is a photographer by day and a vampire hunter by night. How will she cope when she realizes the man she has fallen in love with is what she has been trained to kill?

Tethered to a restrictive life on her half-brother's estate, Lady Isabella Rossland tries her best to find her own happiness. With the dreary gentlemen nearby not appealing to her restless spirit, she's left with few escape options. Then, a man she's known for years catches her attention, and she finds herself intrigued.

Their Happily-Ever-After is over before it begins unless they can change time.

When he and Kathryn are catapulted deep into enemy territory, T'Hargen is forced to question his deep-seated convictions in order to secure a strong ally for the Alliance and also, possibly, capture that fragile dream he'd abandoned long ago of awakening to a bright, new future.

With millions of lives on the line and time running out, Nikolas and Cadence must find the answers they need to stop the international terrorist before it's too late. But as they make their way across the country, they struggle to fight not only against the killers hunting them at every turn but also against the electrifying attraction growing between them. Once the shocking truth is laid bare, only one question remains: Can they survive the impossible odds . . . and each other?
All Devon Willem has to do is pick up a small mutt and find Ameliorate for Nina's petite cousin, Madonna. Instead, he stumbles into Madonna Botanno's crazy family, a rogue TGO operative, and a terrorist plot intending to poison millions of New Yorkers.
Mike and Liz thought they'd gotten control of the specters haunting the Barrett Inn.  But things get very complicated when the specters are really the ghosts from your past life.

Jeremy Montague returns from Jamaica to take up his duties as the new Earl of Longley and is shocked to find his former lover is his ward's nurse. Believing she played him for a fool, he vows to remove her from his household, especially when his traitorous body begins to remember the passion they shared.
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Uncaged Book Reviews: Raven Award Finalist for Fantasy.

Night Owl Reviews 'Enslaving the Day is an enjoyable and sexy historical romance.'

'The story has some very sexy moments that are balanced with fleshed out characters and well written dialogue.'

InD'tale Magazine: RONE Award Finalist

InD'tale Magazine: RONE Award Finalist

InD'tale Magazine: RONE Award Finalist 

InD'tale Magazine: RONE Award Finalist

InD'tale Magazine: RONE Award Finalist

InD'tale Magazine: RONE Award Finalist

Uncaged Book Reviews: Raven Award Winner for Favorite Paranormal

Las Vegas Romance Writers: I Heart Indie Contest - Finalist

Uncaged Book Reviews: Raven Award Finalist for Romantic Suspense.