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September News: Upcoming Events!
  • Book Club: Sept. 8 - Reading Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal
  • Back to School Gardens Lunch: Oct. 2
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Farm to Every Fork - Sold Out!
Thank You To All Who Plan To Attend!

Sept. 10 from 5-8 p.m.
Trinity Cathedral

Our third annual Farm to
Every Fork dinner co-sponsored with the Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee, Oak Park Sol, and Angels in the Field is a different kind of bridge dinner, putting the hungry and well-fed side-by-side. 

The Sept. 10 gala kick-off to Sacramento's Farm to Fork week celebrates individuals and entities working all year to bring good food to those who suffer food insecurity or homelessness. Each ticket buys two meals, one for the ticket purchaser and one for a sponsored guest invited by one of the beneficiary organizations. We break bread together, share stories, and highlight the challenges facing over a quarter of a million of our neighbors who are food insecure. It's a positive look at an issue that has had plenty of negative publicity in Sacramento.
In the words of renowned chef Alice Waters, "There is nothing more powerful than gathering around the table with family and friends. Farm to
Every Fork and Slow Food Sacramento are bringing people together to change the way we eat, and are fighting for good, clean, and fair food for all."
Chef Michael Thiemann of Sacramento favorites Mother + Empress Tavern caters the event. This year's keynote speaker is one of the foremost civil rights scholars of her generation, Professor Angela Harris of UCD Law. Professor Harris' current scholarship on The Color of Farming is thought-provoking and goes to the heart of the challenges addressed by this event. Our M.C. is beloved former KXTV reporter Dana Howard. Look for coverage by CBS Radio Sept. 4 here.

September is Membership Month! 

Join or renew before September 30
and we'll demonstrate Sacramento's support for the national and international programs we all love being associated with. The theme is
Come to the Table, a celebration of community and inclusivity.
The campaign rolls out over the month, a theme for every week. Be ready to jump when the enticements that will move you are featured. The themes are:
* Better Meat, Less: Sept 1-7;
* Biodiversity: Sept 8-14 - Starting with a Town Hall featuring NYU Food Studies and     Public Health Professor Marion Nestle with Slow Food Executive Director Richard McCarthy on Sept 8;
* School Gardens: Sept 15-21 - Here's where Give What You Can Day-Sept. 15 will hit, and the tee's and totes), and;
* Terra Madre: Sept 22-30 featuring local chapters that bring community to the table and discounts for Slow Food Nations - Denver 2017. Watch for Slow Food Sacramento's Farm to Every Fork as a featured event.
And our Slow Food Sacramento Board members, including Membership Director Charity Kenyon, will be sending emails too. Don't wait. Hit the button Sept. 1. Don't forget to select Sacramento as your chapter.  

Terra Madre Fundraising

Terra Madre is here - Our delegates will be in Turrin, Italy Sept. 22-26 

A big THANK YOU! for your support of our delegation
And a big thank you to Ed Roehr and Janel Inouye and Magpie for hosting a successful fundraiser: Slow Beer on a Hot August Night last month. Wasn't that a hoot? GMO-free, craft beer brewed with Ark of Taste Elephant Heart Plums by Sacramento's Track 7 Brewery. And what about those hop snail glasses? We're hoping to put Slow Beer on the national stage at Slow Food Nations July 2017 in Denver. More on that in coming issues.
Slow Food Sacramento is sending our largest, most diverse delegation ever: Ed Roehr of Magpie Cafe, Cinamon Vann of our Snail of Approval Program, Brenda Ruiz of our School Gardens and Youth Programs, Chanowk Yisrael of Yisrael Family Farms and Slow Food Youth Network, and Lisa Frank graduate of Slow Food's University of Gastronomic Sciences and incoming Governor for the Central Valley Region of California. 

We're still accepting donations to our GoFundMe site. Donate Here.  

Slow Beer -- The Pouring Continues...

The  Slow Beer  movement was launched to an enthusiastic and thirsty crowd at Magpie on Aug. 21. Special thanks to  Track 7 , a Snail of Approval brewery, that made the first  Slow Beer  in California, a light and refreshing Plum Saison, with Elephant Heart Plums from  Good Humus Produce . The beer was very popular and in case you missed the event, it is still being served at  Magpie  until the keg runs out.
Next up for Slow Beer is the  Craft Beer Summit . On Sept. 9, at the Marketplace in the Sacramento Convention Center. Slow Beer will have a double header of beer and food pairings. The California Craft Brewers Association has given us two slots to show off Slow Food AND Slow Beer.  Track 7 , and their Plum Saison, will be working with  Taylor's Kitchen.    Sactown Union , using dried Blenheim Apricots, will be working with  Kingbird Farms . That's four hours of SLOW! Learn More...

Book Club - Sept. 8 @ 6:30 p.m.

Join us for the next Slow Food Book Club meeting when we discuss Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal. Meet with like minded Slow Food readers to enjoy a potluck of book-themed dishes and a lively discussion. Read more...

RSVP to attend and get information on location. 

Heirloom Expo -- September 6, 7, 8 Santa Rosa
Billed as "The World's Pure Food Fair" features speakers, competitions, tastings, exhibits, vendors, and a kid's pavilion. All those rare heirloom vegetables and their champions will be there, including Slow Food California. If you would like to volunteer to help at the Slow Food California booth, contact Peter Ruddock at
We can use short rotations. It's fun to share information about Slow Food's Ark of Taste and our programs to protect biodiversity.

Governor's Report
Biggest news: Lisa Frank has been elected to take the Governor position for the Central Valley of California as of January 1, 2017. New faces, new voices, new insights!
Slow Food Nations Denver July 2017 - almost as big. Slow Food USA is rolling out the findings of its strategic plan to take Slow Food to the next level in the United States. The three branches of the plan are convenings, campaigns, and strategic partnerships. Our best known convening, Slow Food Nation in San Francisco in 2008 inspired thousands to reconsider and consider more deeply what they eat and how it's grown - is it good, clean, and fair for all?
We asked for another Slow Food Nation and we've been heard - Slow Food Nations will be an annual event starting in July 2017 in Denver, which is quite convenient to Sacramento and a budding food center. The terrific Slow Food Denver Chapter has gained the community's trust by hosting Slow Meat for two years running. Now we're committing to Slow Food Nations.  All the Slows will be there: Slow Meat, Slow Fish, Turtle Island Slow Food, Slow Beer, and more.
We'll have a chance to give a national spotlight to good, clean, and fair producers from the Central Valley and beyond. Know someone who we should consider? Ginger Elizabeth? Preservation? The Good Stuff? Lundberg Rice? Let's start thinking.
And the Central Valley will be front and center on some big topics on the "fair" side of the good, clean, and fair ledger, including labor, climate change, access, impacts of food policy on what we grow, how we grow it and who eats it. There can be no food justice without social justice and that's nowhere more evident than in our great valley. It's our job to include these voices -- to bring them to the table in Denver.
Slow Food Nations and Denver here we come!  Joy + Justice. Plan to join us!

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