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Rut Hunting Strategy, Tactic, Tips, and Videos 

The weeks of November...the weeks you have been waiting on for months, are finally here! The next 3 weeks will be the best action in the whitetail woods. You hit-list buck's guard is down, his hormones have him up on his feet, and he now stands a very good chance of making a mistake within range of your tree stand. Yes the rut is upon us and your chances look good, but it doesn't automatically mean success. These rut hunting strategies, tips, tactics, and videos will dive into exactly what you should focus on during this time.

The first week of November has arrived and it is a transition time for both hunters and bucks. Deer activity has gone from bucks more or less slightly pushing does, to now seeking the first does to come into estrous. Bill Winke discusses which hunting tactics and  tree stand  locations you should focus on. Not only does Bill cover early rut hunting strategies but exactly where to concentrate hunting efforts on during the morning and the afternoon.

In Week 4, Joe Sir, Gary Hamilton, and J.D. Huitt of Hallowed Ground Outdoors start encountering some pre-rut hunting action and practice a little late October doe management . Gary is up to bat first as he takes advantage of the deer movement to fill some tags on two does. Then J.D Huitt does the same as he takes advantage of an October cold front.

Things are really starting to pick up for hunters during this first week of November. Bucks are moving in daylight, they are becoming more expansive in their home ranges, they are checking, bumping, and chasing does. This is the first week of November stands to be one of the best times to kill your mature hit-list buck. Trail cameras often go unused during this time with all the action, but with these trail camera tips, you can make the most out of all the upcoming deer movement and the rut!

The last week of October has come and gone. The pre-rut the edge between November madness, and the October Lull is near its end as the Rut approaches. The team member of Trophy Pursuit feel the rut inching closer as the first week of November is finally upon us. In this episode, the team is hunting the pre-rut, and the action is definitely heating up.
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