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by  our partner congregations who join us for outdoor worship in
First Parish Church ( UCC ), Y ork, ME
First Parish (UCC), Westwood
St Andrew's Episcopal, Wellesley ;
Trinitarian Congregational Church,  N orth  Andover
St Paul's  Episcopal Church, 
Congregational Church of Chelmsford


We have openings on May 10 & 24; June 7, 14, 21.

Let us know if your group can help !

Thanks to the extreme generosity of many, the two BostonWarm Centers (which were opened by the Boston Religious Leaders for the Long Island Refugees in January) will now continue through the end of April!
common cathedral staff and board have participated in this effort from the beginning - and are so grateful for the work of so many in bringing this effort to fruition.
The two centers -- housed at Old South Church in Boston (M thru F, 9am to 3pm) and at Emmanuel Episcopal Church (M & F, 8am to 1pm) have been, throughout this brutal winter season, a source of great comfort and support to many of our most vulnerable neighbors throughout greater Boston. 
THANK YOU to all who support these efforts - with your gifts of time, treasure and prayer.


The Board of Directors and the staff of common cathedral are grateful for all the support you and your congregations provided in 2014.  
You answered our call.
You support our powerful ministries which include being present on the streets of Boston.  
If your church is having a mission fair or an event that one of us can attend please
let us know - so that we can thank you in person for making our ministries possible.    

Do you have a passion to connect people with people?

common art
is looking for churches or other organizations to host our next art shows!

This Involves:
- Love of sharing art 
- A place where 15-20 artists can display their work (a place that accommodates 6 to10 long tables is sufficient)  
- Coordination for one meal to be provided for our unhoused community members 
- An open heart


has been a huge success!  
All NINE of this year's sessions are FULL....

In the spring we will post our 2015-2016 dates right here as well as on our website !

2~  Louie
7~  Brenda Green
12~Chris Hunt
17~Jeremi Colvin
19~Tony Williamson
19~Jayne Eisan
20~Mary Ann Pearsol 
22~Al King
27~Michael Hooper (RIP)
We remember:  
1~ Helen Livingston
7~  Leon Kibbeth (2009)
17~Cheryl Pimentel (2010)
19~Eddie H. Williams, Jr (2005)
19~Jim Williams (2006)
27~Clarence Crawley (1990)
27~Michael Hooper
And w e pray for those who 
Debbie Little Wyman
Eddie Kuhne
Edeara, Eddie Jr & Eva
Elizabeth & family





1)  Individual (or group) donations are deeply appreciated:



  • Hand warmers
  • New white socks
  • Dunkin Donuts gift cards
  • small toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, small shampoo/deodorant/razors/soap/sun block/chapstick)
  • new mens and womens underwear/tshirts


  • Gift Certificates
  • Acrylic paints (especially red, blue, yellow, white, black)
  • Paint brushes (all sizes)
  • Canvas boards or stretched canvases (all sizes)
  • Old paintings that can be painted over
  • Beads (all types)

2) We are always looking for new volunteers -- and hope to see again those of you who already do!


3) Our ministries run thanks to volunteers, prayers and financial support. If you have already given time and prayer...keep it up. 


Checks  (written to "Ecclesia Ministries Inc.") can be mailed to:
P O Box 51003, Boston MA 02205
email us with questions -- or to volunteer.
Thank You!

March 10,  2015

Dear Friends,


March 26th, 2015
Andover Newton Theological School
Wilson Chapel

Join us from
6 to 9pm for a private showing -- and live auction --  of art created by
common art artists. 

Don't Miss This Great Opportunity To
 Purchase an original work and
Meet Our Artists!

Original pieces are now available by 
silent auction. Check out our website ( ) to view these pieces. 

And now we invite you to meet one of our artists. Our deepest thanks to Bill for allowing us to share his story on this forum.




Bill hails from New Jersey. He studied Engineering in college and eventually moved to Boston to begin a long career in the Insurance industry. 


Bill has struggled with serious depression over the years and currently receives SSDI.


Beyond classes in painting and photo voice taken at the BU Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Bill is a self-taught artist, who has always liked to draw. His work, whether painted or created on his iPhone, always includes a visual as well as a written commentary on the human condition. Artistic influences include comic book/graphic designers and other pop artists who offer ironic commentaries as part of their work.


Bill was introduced to common art about two years ago by longtime volunteer and supporter, Sally Fisher.


Bill appreciates that  common art
is open to everyone - low income as well as homeless artists. He enjoys being able to work in good space, as his own studio apartment is too small to work in. Free access to quality art materials, companionship and the freedom and open opportunity to create spontaneously are additional plusses.

We don't have to be perfect
The season of Lent began on February 18 with Ash Wednesday .  Amanda, Ken, Heidi, and I carefully planned our observance, including services at 10am   (on the Common) and at  1:30pm (at common art) .  The focus: We don't have to be perfect.  We are simply called to be good. Therefore, when we make mistakes, we can repent and try to be good again.

The 10am outdoor service took place at Brewer's Fountain on Boston Common. I was there, bundled up in a bright pink coat and mittens with a small container of ashes in my pocket.  Since the blizzards, the fountain has been surrounded by a wall of snow that hid me from the rest of the Common.  Therefore, the "service" entailed Mary (me), circling the fountain and wondering if anyone was going to come. Sometimes, I walked left around the fountain, sometimes I walked right around the fountain.  The whole time, it was just me.  

After waiting 15 minutes, it was time to find people.  Why wait!

I walked to McDonalds and, look! There were "R", "G", and "S".  I haven't seen them for a few weeks.  We exchanged hugs, briefly talked about Ash Wednesday (S: "that stuff's not for me") and I hear how they pooled their money and stayed in a motel through the blizzard.  We celebrated the joy of cable TV and a bathtub!

Turning to leave, "G" pulled me aside and said, "I'd like some ashes." I couldn't tell if he was embarrassed, or ashamed, or unsure ... But I put the cross on his forehead and said, "From dust you were made, and to dust you shall return." His shoulders relaxed and he was released.  I don't know from what he was "released", but he left with his head held high.

Feeling proud that I FINALLY gave ashes to someone, I reapplied my mittens and kept walking.  Look!  There's "K".  He's on his way to work and we walk together. He says, "Thank God for the snow.  I'll have work every day this week!  But what are you doing here, Pastor Mary?" 
"It's Ash Wednesday .  I'm sharing Ashes and reminding people that we don't have to be perfect.  We just have to try and be good."  K stops walking.  "I need me some of that." So I take off my mittens, and make the sign on his forehead, and he departs for work smiling.

Next, I hear "V" and "L" yelling.  "Mary, Mary!"  They tell me they can't come to common art because they are keeping their anger in check by avoiding certain people.  We laugh and joke about how many socks a person can wear at one time. Then talking seriously about avoiding temptation and violence. I offer them ashes, which they both accept.  "We need all the help we can get."    

This story happens over and over again.  It's not what I had planned, but when we step beyond "the plan", glorious things happen.  

PO Box 51003
Boston, MA 02205