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Why You Should Commit Yourself to Going to the AERO Conference Now!
Past attendees know that there is no other conference like AERO's. The most important part of the conference, in my opinion, is the networking. Countless schools, education centers, homeschool resource centers and other initiatives have been birthed at AERO conferences. Attendees include teachers, administrators, parents, students, alternative educators and traditional educators who want to know more about learner-centered education. People leave transformed, recharged!

Of course they keynotes are important. This year's keynoters include author and unschooling expert Dayna Martin, education critic, author and legend John Gatto, MET Schools founder Dennis Litsky, Author of How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen Joanna Faber, and famed writer, speaker and education critic Jonathan Kozol.  There will also be a first day of TED-like mini talks. 

Equally important will be the more that 40 workshops, presentations, and interactive activities. We've already posted 17 of them. Several others are in process.

This year we are blessed with a great variety of workshops in our initial release. We have workshops about research into unschooling, about the rebirth of public education, about progressive education, homeschool resource centers, holistic learning, teacher liberation, and entrepreneurial learning. They are about how to explain educational alternatives to your friends and relatives, when to teach a child to read, how to have a healthy school, and nature in urban areas. And there is a panel of unschooled teens talking about how they are organizing their lives. Many of these presenters would be or have been keynoters at many conferences. As we uniquely do at all AERO conferences, there will be one or two spots available at each session for spontaneous workshops. A few regular workshop slots are still available. 
You can see all the first posted and approved workshops and bios HERE!

"I've been to lots of educational conferences of all kinds. The open and accepting attitude has been a unique and rare highlight for me." 

You can still register for the AERO conference art the current rate or even hold your place at the current rate HERE!

Some people have been a little confused about the various ways you can register for the conference, so here's a recap:
The regular bargain rate through tonight is $250. 
The regular student rate is still $175
The presenter/volunteer rate is also $175
The child/childcare rate is $100 for the conference. 
The exhibitor table rate is $400. 
The low income rate is $225 (you decide). 

If more that 6 are coming from your group, e mail us to arrange a special rate. 

There still no required food package! You can eat at the cafeteria at college rates, go out to eat, or even bring your own food!

If you have any specific questions you can e mail us by just replying to this e newsletter or call 516 621 2195. 



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