Don't Mourn . . . ORGANIZE . . . 
And We Will Show You the Way 

Well, as we all know, the new "healthcare" plan has been revealed, and would be detrimental to millions of Americans, including our youngest as shown in the graphic above from Voices for Virginia's Children.  So, we've got work to do, friends!

Organizing for Action has an extensive selection of articles and personal stories from across the country on why repealing Obamacare would be a disaster, and it continues to be updated. They've created an easy-to-use resource to help us all disseminate information easily. Click here to find out more.


But, let's start off with a victory this week!  Trump's new travel ban was, at least temporarily, blocked by a federal court in Hawaii just hours before it was to go into effect!   This is a major victory and there will be many more. 

And, we've made several updates to our Organizing Guide, one of them being the
Photo by Robin Michael Nixon
addition of an organization that's doing some really amazing work with the homeless in Los Angeles. The G.O.A.L. Advocacy Foundation is a tax-deductible non-profit run by OOA friend, Dennis Davis and Robin Michael Nixon, who together, advocate on behalf of chronically homeless men and women, providing outreach and care.  They are really out there doing the hands-on work with the homeless in our streets, those "invisible people" most often forgotten by our nation's policy-makers. Message Dennis or Robin through their G.O.A.L. Foundation Facebook page if you want to learn more or can donate to help with their important work.

We also recommend:
  • Checking out which has announced a new slate of local endorsements.  

We continue to encourage you to support our recommended organizations and take solidarity actions in any way that you can, but we also need your support to continue our resistance work.  If you can help, please click on the gold bar below.
In gratitude and solidarity,
World Focus for Sunday, March 19 - 
Tim Sherrock, author of the recent article, "Congress and North Korea:  Diplomacy Not on the Table".  For more on Tim and to read his latest work, click here .

World Focus can be heard on KPFK every Sunday at 10am.  Podcasts and transcripts are available on the OOA website at