Don't Mourn . . . ORGANIZE . . . 
And We Will Show You the Way 


First off we'd like to let you know about an action you can take this Saturday, June 17th - the Women's Ban the Bomb rally in LA at the corner of Highland and Hollywood, 6801 Hollywood Blvd, this Saturday, June 17th from 9 to 11am.   Blase will be speaking around 9:30am and we hope to see you there.  Organizers ask that you bring posters to let people know that you support a UN ban on nuclear weapons.

  • For an action you can take today, click the photo above to sign a petition to the UN Ambassador in support of the ban.

  • Another important petition to sign concerns private prisons.  GEO Group, the largest and most profitable private prison company in the U.S., is capitalizing off of Trump's "Law and Order" agenda. And it all started because they gave Trump's campaign its big payoff during the 2016 presidential campaign.  Click here to read more and sign today.

  • For more actions you can take this week, we recommend checking out the Actions page on the website, or downloading the latest version of the OOA Organizing booklet.

In solidarity and gratitude,

World Focus - June 18, 2017 - 

Blase's Commentary - 
Saudi Arabia is Destabilizing the World

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