Don't Mourn . . . ORGANIZE . . . 
And We Will Show You the Way 

We start our victories off with gratitude that a special prosecutor has finally been assigned to lead the Russia investigation, much to our esteemed President's dismay.

A couple of weeks ago we asked for you to share your local victories with us.  To start those off, here's one from our Communications Director, Ann Miller, who lives in Wyoming.

  • A local group formed here in Casper to serve as allies with the immigrant community.    They've created packets of tools so that immigrants know who to call and what to do when threatened.  And, very soon after the group started, they soon had to mobilize and act.  They were able to keep a family together, with ICE literally knocking at their door!  Because of the allies group, the family knew what to do and it worked.

  • Last week, a direct assault on our air quality and climate was beaten back when a vote in Congress failed 49 - 51 to roll back a rule governing methane releases from drilling on public and tribal lands.  Sierra Club members and supporters sent in over 67,000 emails to the Senate and made over 3,000 phone calls. This victory would not have happened without people taking action.  Click here to see what else we can do to make a difference!

  • Chelsea Manning is free after exposing the cruelty and criminality of "war".  Our friends at Code Pink ask you to send her a message of thanks and support by clicking here.
And we continue, onward!

In solidarity and gratitude,

World Focus - May 21,  2017 - Kathy Kelly
Long-time peace activist, author, and co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Kathy Kelly, will be Blase's guest Sunday.

World Focus can be heard on KPFK every Sunday at 10am.  Podcasts and transcripts are available on the OOA website at