Oh jeez, you're really done it this time! By opening this email, you've spoiled yourself on a whole week of awesome designs. I hope you're happy...

...and let's face it, you should be! These designs are rad- you've got art, pop, doodle, intricacy, vector... you name it, we've got it!

Enjoy the spoilers, and if you're an art fan be sure to visit TeeFury.com today. We've got a design so detailed, we couldn't even fit it into the sneak peek!

Oh yeah, and here's an update for those of you who ordered Grab Bags- we're working our hardest to get all your orders shipped, and they should be mailed very soon. Thanks to all of you for your patience!

Always sneaking a peek
TBird TBird, your pal in art

Friends of the Fury!

Radio Free Charleston chronicles the music scene in West Virginia, and this week they're also looking pretty fashionable! That's because host Rudy Panucci is rocking a very rad TeeFury shirt, the result of one of our infamous $5 Grab Bags. Awesome!

Thanks for helping us to spread the word about TeeFury!

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