Don't Sing the Disappearing Railroad Blues!
Tell the President
The White House today released a disappointing infrastructure package that proposes cuts in Amtrak's national network.

NARP / RPA has further details and instructions on how you can tell the President to support passenger rail as part of any infrastructure plan.

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Tell Your Congressman!
Tennessee's Congressional delegation needs to hear from Tennessee Rail Passengers!

They need to be reminded that Amtrak's economic impact on Tennessee is much larger than its physical footprint in our state! 

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Let's Keep Riding on the City of New Orleans!
The City of New Orleans is more to us than a beautiful song. It's also the only passenger train in Amtrak's national network to serve Tennessee directly.

Sadly, this is one of the trains that would be eliminated by the proposed cuts in Amtrak's national network.

If Tennessee rail passengers will stand up and speak out, we will guarantee that our train never lives up to the "Disappearing Railroad Blues" mentioned in Steve Goodman's famous folk song!

The City of New Orleans is a productive and efficient economic machine. And it's growing!

In Fiscal Year 2017 our train carried over 255,000 passenger - an increase from the year before and one of the highest in its Amtrak history!

Our train brings thousands of tourists and sales tax revenue dollars into West Tennessee, especially downtown Memphis.

Our train rolls down a privately owned railroad that pays property tax.

Our train gives West Tennesseans a practical and valuable transportation option to reach Chicago, New Orleans, Jackson, and other cities.

Stand up for our famous train that serves our beautiful state! Tell the President and tell your congressman to support passenger rail!

Let';s keep riding on the City of New Orleans!

L. Jarod Pearson, President
Tennessee Association of Railroad Passengers