New Year, New You!
Regular physical activity is proven to improve both mental and physical health.

How to get started:
  1. Pre-exercise screening: Schedule a FREE personal training session with one of our Fitness Specialist. Call to schedule: 504.349.6164.
  2. Set a goal for physical activity: One of the first steps is to identify why your health is important to you. Setting goals gives you something to work towards and provides you with a way to measure how well you are doing.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for physical activity
  4. Stretching, warming up and cooling down: Usually a 5 to 10-minute warm-up is all you'll need, but this will vary from person to person. Discuss with a WJ Fitness Center fitness specialist.
  5. Get Moving! Start physical activity: Build your confidence and fitness level with a number of short sessions to get started. Exercise progression is unique to every person, if you have not exercised for some time, you should progress slowly. Increase the length and the intensity of your exercise session gradually.  If you're getting back to physical activity and have not exercised in a while, try our NEW 30 minute Health & Wellness Classes or inquire about our Blast Personal Training special going on this week. Depending on the activity, incorrect or poor technique may lead to injury. Our Fitness Specialist are here to help you!

Specials going on NOW!
New for January 2018
Health & Wellness Circuit Classes
Marrero Fitness Center
Tuesday / Thursday's
10:30am & 4:30pm
Location: 2nd Floor - Health & Wellness Area
Fitness Specialists: Julie, Harry & Joe

Terrytown Fitness Center
Monday / Wednesday's
9am & 4pm
Location: 1st floor - Health & Wellness Area
Fitness Specialists: Alison, Mel, Ben & Otho.

Learn the different types of circuits designed to improve strength, endurance and overall fitness. Timed intervals help to push you toward optimal fitness and health.

Starts: Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Meet a few of our Fitness Specialist  !
Julie Leblanc
Joe Gonzales
Alison Lecompte
Success Story
Courtney K - "For the past 12 months, I have been weight training with Alison. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, the one on one sessions have really held me accountable for my attendance and my progress. It is nice to know that someone else is invested in my success! I feel stronger, more confident, and overall proud of myself after a workout!"

Love & Fitness
Shawanda and Lionel met at West Jeff Fitness Center 3 Years ago and now they are engaged! To reach their goals; they share personal training sessions, attend the fitness center regularly and are eating healthier. Through personal training, Lionel's blood pressure is down to a normal range and he has learned to pace himself. Shawanda was a participant of the pre-diabetes personal training program; where she lost 2% of her body weight, dropped 2 shirt sizes and 1 pants size. 
Meet Joseph Gonzales
" As a Fitness Specialist, I take pride in my own health and fitness but also in the ability to help others reach their goals. Getting into this field has me on a lifelong path to bettering my health by practicing what I preach, so I hope I can be a guide to anyone that is looking to better themselves. Come get started today; remember every expert had to start as a novice one day! "
Metabolism Measurement
For only $15
You can check your weight, body fat, basal metabolic rate, muscle mass, visceral fat and see how many calories you burn a day!

Call to schedule your 10 minute appointment today with a Fitness Specialist,  504.349.1613

Add on - A Nutritional Counseling Session with a WJMC Dietitian for Only $50.  For information on nutritional counseling or to schedule an appointment, call 504.349.1402.
For information on Personal Training:
Ask one of our Fitness Specialist or Call 504.349.1613
Marian Vigo, MSPH, RDN, LDN, CSOWM
Registered Dietitian
  Marian Vigo has been a dietitian for over 25 years. She graduated with a B. S. in Biochemistry from LSU and received her MSPH in Nutritional Sciences from UCLA. She recently became certified as a specialist in the field on Obesity and Weight Management (CSOWM). Her areas of expertise include eating disorders, weight management of adult and pediatric patients as well as patients who are undergoing bariatric surgery. She is a native of New Orleans and lives with her husband and her 3 sons in Kenner. 

For information on nutritional counseling or to schedule an appointment, call 504.349.1402.
Package of 3 Massage sessions
60 minutes each
Individual Gift Certificates are available

Sale price: $120
Offer ends Jan 12, 2018
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