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Sunday Worship
Service Times: 9:15 and 10:30am
(Nursery and elementary activities provided for all ages)

Opening Song  -   
You Make Me Brave
Worship  -
The Lion And The Lamb
Grace To Grace
O Come To The Altar

Message By Pastor Jimmy
Series: Start Over
Message: Starting Over In Our Relationships

Prayer and Dismissal

Weekly Devotional
Choosing Each Day
"Then choose today whom you will serve. ... But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15, NLT
How do you wake up most mornings? Do you use an alarm of some sort? Do you hit snooze once, twice, seven times? Do you lie in bed to "thaw out" for a few minutes or do you get right up? There are obviously many ways to wake up, but most of us probably lie in bed for a moment to orient ourselves. As you start the process of orienting yourself, do you begin to think about your day and all that is before you? Where do your thoughts go as your mind becomes alert?

We have a choice to make every day, every morning when we wake up. Will it be God or will it be self?

It is amazing how quickly we can make ourselves, our schedules, or our to-do lists first in our thoughts and priorities. How often do we think of ourselves first and then maybe later at some point give a passing thought to God whom we proclaim as Lord and Savior?
Begin each day by taking a moment to identify the things, the thoughts, the activities, or the emotions that can consume you and keep you from worshipping God and serving Him.
*Choosing Each Day
Current Series: Start Over

We all have regrets we wish we could go back and change from last year. Maybe we want to hit the reset button on our finances or our relationships. Maybe there are decisions we wish we could do over. We can't go back and undo our past, but with Jesus we can start over in the New Year!

You can catch last week's message here:

Breaking The Labels - 1/7/18
Breaking The Labels - 1/7/18

Journey Groups
Winter Semester - January 2018

At The Ridge, we believe that life is a team sport - best done together! There is comfort and power in being a part of a group and not being alone. In fact, God didn't design us to journey by ourselves.  Journey Groups are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God, and just have fun!  

Don't miss out on an exciting new semester!!  Registration coming soon!
Ridge Student Journey Groups
Winter Semester - January 2018


The following small groups will be offered second semester for Ridge Students: 
Middle School
1. Sunday Breakfast Club - Sunday mornings during the 10:30 service in the Brookstone Cafe.  Begins December 31st.
2. Chicken & Jesus - Tuesday mornings at the Chick-fil-A in Midland.  Begins January 9th.
High Schoo l
1. Devos @ The Diner - Sunday mornings after the 10:30 service at Panera. Begins January 14th.
2. Donuts in the County - Thursday mornings before school at Harris County High School. Begins January 11th.
3. Mornings @ Midtown - Friday mornings before school at Midtown Coffee Shop.  Begins January 12th.

In order to be good stewards of our resources, The Ridge will be emailing the 2017 giving statements.  Please email us and let us know if you would rather have one mailed to your address: clay@theridgecolumbus.com. Thank you for all the ways you continue to support the ministries of The Ridge United Methodist Church.  

Good Works Project

January's "Good Works Project" is in the works.  More info coming soon!

For more information on Good Works Project: 
Click Here for the website
Click Here for the facebook page


Ridge Students

Our first meeting will be held Sunday, February 4th.  More info coming soon!

Registration for Confirmation has begun.  Confirmation is open to anyone in middle school who would like to join our church. For more information email jami@theridgecolumbus.com

Membership 101: God made you to be connected in a church family. A healthy family shares common beliefs, purposes and commitment. We'd like to share with you our values and future goals. Membership 101 is designed to explain what it means to be in membership at The Ridge. At the end of this class, you will be given an opportunity to join our church family and continue the M.A.P.S. process. Join us February 11th after worship.

Registration link:  click here

Hello, Ladies!  House of TIME is having a prom on Saturday and are in need of "fancy clothes" (dresses, shoes, accessories). Here are the sizes... ( 2) size 8, (2) size 10, 16, and 18. 
We all remember how beautiful and special we felt at prom; let's share that with our sisters at H.O.T!!

Please contact Jodee Rovig for more info: Click Here

Registration Open!

Registration link:  click here

Plan to stay after church on Sunday, February 4th for a chance to have some amazing soup while getting to know your Journey Group!


Does your life seem like a crazy journey at times? Within a brief moment, we swing on a pendulum of joy and happiness to worry and frustration.  And while the clothes and the technology may have drastically changed, the same roller coaster of life was true for the women in the Bible too.   These heroines of our faith endured some of the same highs and lows that we experience today.  And like them, when we experience times of trouble (or moments of celebration), we must remember that our God is active in our lives.  He is faithful. He provides in our time of need. He helps us overcome temptation.  He puts pivotal people in our lives to walk alongside us. And He has great plans for our future! 
Join us for a one-night women's retreat where we will look at the stories of brave women in the Bible.  The study will include Mary (the mother of Jesus), Ruth, Mary Magdalene and more! We will also hear from women of our church who encountered the unbelievable faithfulness of our amazing Lord.  We will spend time together as a sisterhood of believers.  We will enjoy some great food, meet some new friends, reconnect with old buddies, and delight in just being "away" for a bit.  
Our retreat will be held  February 9-10 at the Pine Mountain Chalet Resort.   We will begin with check-in from  5-6pm  on Friday evening and will conclude at  3pm  on Saturday afternoon.  We will use the large special event room for our meals and sessions and guests will stay in cabins at the resort.  There is also an option to drive home that evening if you prefer to sleep at home.
The prices to attend the retreat include three meals,  Saturday activities, and a T-shirt.  
Stay-the-night option - $85 per person
Sleep-at-home option - $40 per person
Please pay by check to The Ridge and write "Faithful" in the memo line.  Or you can pay via PayPal on the Ridge website.
We do not want anyone to miss out on this amazing retreat because of finances. Scholarships are available upon request.  For more information, please email Jami at  jami@theridgecolumbus.com.
If you would like to make a donation toward a scholarship, please email Shannon Hodges at  srhodges77@hotmail.com.

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Are you interested in being a part of a serving team on Sunday mornings? Here are some of the ways to get plugged in:
*Greeters.  The Greeters Team are the warm hearts and big smiles of The Ridge Church.  Without them, there would be no Golden Donuts, no one telling you good morning and no coffee!  
*Parking Lot Party.  The Parking Lot Party has the special task of making sure people find the way to the worship area.  This includes putting out directional signs and welcoming our members and visitors.  
*RidgeRunners.  At The Ridge, we have one of the best kids' environments around.  Children of all ages learn about Jesus in a way that is relevant, biblical and engaging.  

*Student Ministry.  We do student ministry a bit differently at The Ridge. We have monthly gatherings, monthly worship (3rd Night) and weekly small groups that meet in restaurants across Columbus before school starts.  

*Worship.  The worship team is both on stage and offstage.  Everything you see happen on Sunday morning is made possible by this amazing team. Opportunities range from singing to running the lights.

*Setup/Teardown Team. This team is the hands and feet of Christ.  No expert skills needed, just the heart of service that comes from a heart of worship.  

If you're interested in serving on a Sunday team, click here and fill out this form for us.  

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