Come Enjoy the Show!


Hollywood Theater | Thursday, June 25 | 6:30 PM


Join us in celebrating Pittsburgh's growing film community with a FREE screening of the short films that came out of the

2014 Film Factory Competition & Community Showcase!




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Short Films to Be Screened:


Paper Umbrellas by Julie Jigour

A young girl struggles to keep her world intact during her mother's mental breakdown.


All-Sight by Talia Shea Levin

A grief-stricken father seeks solace in a virtual reality simulator, but discovers that actual reality is a multiplayer game.


Check Yes or No by Kelechi Urama

A precocious and surly 12-year-old is determined to have her first kiss before the day ends.


Woman in a Blue Gown by Miguel Almendarez

A struggling artist paints a wealthy woman's portrait, an event that will have major repercussions for them both.


Zombie Woman by Kevin Hejna

A zombie is cured of her disease, but the cure is only temporary.


Always a Bridesmaid by Wendy Grube

Lizzie knows what she's looking for in a man. She has six months to find him or spend another wedding as the pitied bridesmaid.


Franksgiving by Stephen Knezovich & Christy Leonardo

It's Thanksgiving and bowler Frank Ovitchovic has two things on his mind... throwing strikes and feeding half the neighborhood.


The Beat Goes On (Sneak Preview) by Randy Kovitz

A inconsolable widower tries to retreat from life, but a pushy neighbor interferes. 
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