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      Membership Magic: Keys to Club Growth

Michael Notaro, DTM, PIP

Find out the latest and best practices on growing your Club from Toastmasters Past International President, Michael Notaro.

Leadership and its Hallmarks
Rita Barber, DTM, PDG

Learn about competencies that will help you become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. We’ll cover how to become a more effective leader by using and growing the skills you already possess and also adding new ones. 

Three Mistakes Speakers Make with their Stories (and how to fix them)

Elaine Lung, DTM

Transform a dull, boring ramble into the seed of a riveting, compelling story by applying a few

simple tools.

 Pathways: The New Educational Program from Toastmasters International 

Bina Mehta, DTM, PDG

District 101 is launching the Pathways Learning Experience soon! Learn about the paths, possibilities and potential of this new Toastmasters educational program.

A Guide to Storytelling

Rita Barber, DTM, PDG

Stories connect us to our audience and make our messages more memorable. Find out how to make a lasting impact with your speeches and stories.  

The Art of Evaluations
Kristian Crump, ACG, CL

Evaluation Contest season is approaching! Learn strong evaluation techniques that educate and motivate the speaker, from 2-time District Evaluation Contest Champion, Kristian Crump, ACG, CL.