Dori Bryant - An Angel Among Us
Kat Sally, Anne Kirlis, Suzy Ellison, Connie Ballard, and Dori Bryant

Long time WSCGA and South Carolinian Dori Bryant passed away last week.  Dori was a mentor to many members of the WSCGA and a friend to all.  One of the WSCGA most accomplished golfers in the 1980's and 90's winning the 1980 Amateur Championship, 1985, '86, '88, and '90 Senior Women's Amateur Championship, along with countless other WSCGA, SCGA, and CGA tournament titles. 

Her accomplishments on the golf course fail in comparison to the amount of generosity and love she shared with her family and friends.  Dori was always willing to help anyone with a chip, putt, swing problem, or just an ear for life.  Anne Kirlis said, "Dori was the greatest putter I have ever met, but even more, just a beautiful person."