eNewsletter | Aug 2017

Special Missions Tender (SMT) :
Basic Trench

Special Missions Tender (SMT): Gen2 Trench

Paratech In Action
New Mexico Gravel Pit Collapse:

Sandoval County Fire Department worked to extract trapped workers. 

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Trench Collapse Near Detroit, MI:

1st responders spend hours carefully securing trench to extricate 2 trapped workers.

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What are Trench Wales 
and Why Do We Need Them?

Complimentary Air Lifting Bag Check

Introducing Paratech's new Complimentary Bag check program. Helping to ensure your customer's bags are safe.  

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AthensGA   Aug 23-26, 2017
MesaAZ  Sept. 6 - 10, 2017
Delhi, ON  Sept 13-14, 2017
Howell, MI  Oct. 11-12, 2017

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