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  In April 2017, Dr. Perry Edwards (CA), a Pastor with over 20 years experience, left his home church in New Brunswick to travel to Cuba and teach the Cuban Pastors about Reformation History; this month, we are pleased to bring you his report.

Reformation History - Holguin, Cuba

Dr. Edwards writes:

 I was given the great privilege and opportunity to teach a course on Reformation History to a group of Cuban pastors in April 2017. There were about twenty-five men who attended the lectures, most of whom are pastors of churches in Cuba. It was wonderful to hear one of the pastors say at the end of the week that a fire for church history was set aflame in his heart. He did not think it was an important subject at the beginning of the week, but his mind was changed by the end of the week. This is the kind of response that brings great delight to the soul of a teacher.    

 Many of these pastors are poor men with little theological education. The work that   Carey does among them is vital for the future growth and theological stability of the Cuban Church. 

Prayer Requests
Thank you for your faithfulness in keeping Carey in your prayers.  As a cutting-edge educational network we strive to be in step with the LORD as He guides and directs this ministry
Items for Praise
  • Praise and blessings for those who attended Dr. Edwards course.
  • Praise for Carey being permitted to operate in Cuba.
Items for Prayer 
  • Pray that the doors to this growing field in Cuba would remain open for future training.  
  • Please pray for the Pastor-students in their Biblical situations, in their struggles. We want to come along side and help as we bring theological truth in a very real and practical life-changing way. 
  • Please pray that student support continues to come through. 
Announcement: Bibles for Our PH Students!
We are happy to announce that 200 Pastor's Bibles and 100 Global Study Bibles have been donated to our Pastor-students in the Philippines; we pray that this gift may encourage and strengthen God's People
   May is a busy time for us at Carey. Please take the time to pray for these Pastors as they leave their families and home churches to teach the Word of God. 
Worship - Beirut, Lebanon 
Rev. Peter Law will be teaching a course on Worship in Beirut, Lebanon from May 16-24, 2017. 

Homiletics II - Iloilo, PH
Rev. Carl Muller will be returning to Iloilo, PH to teach Homiletics II from May 15-19, 2017.

Theological Themes & Preaching; and Genesis - Iloilo, PH
Rev. Paul Hudson will be spending two weeks in Iloilo, PH teaching Pastors from both Degree and Certificate programs. Classes run from May 15-26, 2017.

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