What is Metaphysics?


The word Metaphysics comes to us from Ancient Greece, a combination of two words: Meta meaning over or beyond and physics meaning the physical, material world.  Thus, the combination refers to such concerns that are beyond or transcend the material world. In the common way of speaking, such questions are considered religious, spiritual, or possibly philosophical, depending on the person asking them.

  Purpose: The Path of Truth

Metaphysical beliefs, therefore, are the result of passionate endeavors to find purpose in our human existence, searching for a balanced interpretation and explanation of how things really are and what we are. A person could be considered metaphysical if his or her focus is on an experiential, subjective path of truth, seeking the true essence of Being that is in alignment with the Highest Truth and Love, regardless of the name given.

Metaphysics contributes a fundamental level of understanding derived from experience and advanced intuitive knowing on how things "really are." However, when considered from the spiritual perspective, metaphysics is not only the pursuit of Truth; it also offers service to the greater good of humankind.

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Today's Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry  
in Contrast with an Enlightened Society
Except for a few souls in this world who are mystically aware, the practice of psychology and psychiatry will not create a truly mentally healthy society.  As it currently stands, the world standard for mental health is collective neurosis.  The occupation of the clinical psychologist and psychiatrist is to adjust the mind to be functional in a dysfunctional society. What is called mental health is the ability to function with that which is dysfunctional collectively. The illusions of one's personal isolation must be made to fit into the illusions and vogue of whatever is considered reality in present-day society. 

The basis of identity as viewed by clinical psychology and psychiatry is that the self, one's identity, is that of a personal ego identity, a product of an organism bumping up against its environment through a long period of time -- first to form a simple awareness of itself and eventually to evolve into an environmentally created identity or ego. Put enough egos together and you form an ego society.  If, for whatever reason, one ego cannot function within the collective ego society in which it dwells, it then is considered dysfunctional, with the role of today's mental health clinician being to adjust it, to get it back into step with the collective thinking, the neurosis of today's ego society.

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