DragonTales  Weekly Newsletter
October 26, 2017

Dear St. George Families,
"Hey ref that's a terrible call!" "My child's teacher is horrible, she should be fired!"  "Hey ref you suck!" "There is too much homework in grade X those teachers don't know what they are doing, this is the worst year ever!"  "Hey ref if you don't call a foul on #24 I will come down there and take care of it for you!" "Why is that family even here, they don't belong at St. George."
The above comments are a sample of some of the things that I have heard from our parents at sporting events or have seen written on Facebook or Instagram about our school and teachers. I'm not making this up, this is not fake news.  
Many of you have heard me say that parents are their child's first, best teacher. Are the comments above positive?  Is this really what we want to model for our children? Probably not.  Your children watch you closely. What you do and say matters. They know if attending Mass is important to you as a family.  They know if you communicate appropriately and respectfully with your spouse.  They hear if you support St. George School and their teacher.  You are their role model.  What message do these negative comments send to your children?
Our teachers and staff have also seen these comments and numerous other negative comments posted on social media ... they hurt. Each day our teachers work hard for your children and always want the best for them. No, we are not perfect. Teaching is an incredibly difficult profession and we are not perfect. Teachers give their best effort everyday, but I think that you will agree with me that everyone should be treated with kindness, caring and respect.
Productive communication is built upon relationships of trust and respect.  It involves listening with empathy and understanding.  Yelling and berating the ref at a basketball game or venting on Facebook and Instagram by posting negative comments about your child's teacher or St. George School is not productive. It doesn't solve the problem. It builds walls, erodes trust, and it hurts.
My challenge for all of us is to take a breath...breathe. Look inside ourselves and examine our conscience.  Be the best person we can be, the one God calls us to be. Let's work together to be that loving, caring parish and school community that we can be.  Let's work together to understand and work through problems.  As a St. George Catholic School Community lets always put our best foot forward. Let's be a positive example for all to see.
God bless,
Jack Nelson

Friday, October 27
Saturday, October 28
2nd Grade Reconciliation Retreat
8:45am - 11:30am

Monday, October 30
Picture Re-Take Orders Due
Wednesday, November 1
School Liturgy, All Saints Day, 8:00am
Follow Friday Schedule
3rd Grade Breakfast with the Saints

Thursday, November 2
Out-Of-Uniform No Pink Slips - October
Friday, November 3
Follow Wednesday Schedule
Tuesday, November 7
Progress Reports
Thursday, November 9
School Liturgy with Beta Induction, 8:00am
Follow Friday Schedule
Family Night - No Homework/No Activities

Friday, November 10
G randparents Day
Follow Thursday Schedule

All are invited to Park and Pray the Rosary each  Monday  and  Wednesday  afternoons beginning at  2:15 pm  in the Chapel

Picture  Re-Take Orders due Monday, October 30th .

Who:   All 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are welcome to join STEAM Club! 
Moderators: Mrs. Bass, Mrs. Bridevaux, Mrs. Bruno, and Mrs. Parker.
What: STEAM Club is a club for anyone who wants to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math in a fun and creative way!  We will play games, have guest speakers, do art projects, and just have fun! 
Where: STEAM Club will meet in Mrs. Bridevaux's classroom #31 or the science lab. 
When: Kick Off will be after school Monday 11/6/17 and Monday 11/13/17 from 3:00-4:00.  During the Kick Off, two retired math professors who are also origami artists will show us how to make 3D structures with origami.  We will video the instruction for any students who can't make these after school meetings.
Regular meetings will be during lunch and recess on Thursdays, beginning on 11/9/17 in
classroom #31.
Find more details and the permission form HERE.
Grandparents Day ~ Friday, November 10  

We are looking forward to hosting our Grandparents and Special Friends on 
Friday, November 10th!
Again this year, you will be given an opportunity to purchase a special photography session with your child(ren) and their grandparents from Barberito Photography.  Information regarding this special photography session is included in the packet.  
Volunteers and golf carts needed for Grandparents Day event:
  • There is a need for parents/friends to donate their golf cart and also for volunteers to drive the golf carts during our Grandparents Day event.
  • Many volunteer opportunities are available. If you would like to assist on this special day, please email Jenny Allen (jennycooperallen@gmail.com), Home and School Association Special Events Coordinator. 
  • Thank you for your continued support. 

November cafeteria payments are due now .  All school meal payments are due in advance.  Please remember to send extra funds for seconds and extra items.  
  • November Lunch prices are: Full price $50.15;  Reduced price - $6.30
  • November Breakfast prices are: Full price - $30.60;  Reduced price - $5.10
  • www.myschoolbucks.com
    • Monitor your students' cafeteria purchases with an online account
    • Set up alerts and make payments by credit card or bank draft
    • It's not necessary to make payments in order to set up an account.  
    • You may send check or cash payments to school.  
*Please note that according to the LA. School Food Service Policy Guidance Manual, outside restaurant food, soft drinks, and candy are not allowed in the school cafeteria. Your compliance is appreciated.

Keep up with the happenings around St. George by reading the St. George Catholic Church Bulletin HERE.
The Pivotal Players Volume 1 
Please join us Sunday, October 29th
Learn about G.K. CHESTERTON
9:30 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.  -  Parish Office
Information in Church bulletin
Contact: Karen Fawley, karenf@st-george.org
St. George Catholic School
(225) 293-1298