DragonTales  Weekly Newsletter
November 9, 2017

Dear St. George Families,
One of the best books that I ever read is by Eric Greitens. Greitens, a veteran himself, truly embodies in his writing what it means to serve and how that service never disappears in our veterans. "There were a number of definitions of courage, but now I was seeing it in its simplest form: you do what has to be done day after day, and you never quit."

This is an open letter to grandfathers and all veterans. May we never forget the bravery and courage it takes.
Dear Grandpa,
     Thank you. I never said thank you enough for everything. I never said thank you enough for not only being the best grandpa, but also for being my "American Hero."
     When you were alive you never wanted the spotlight on you. Now, even though you're gone, you would probably say the same thing, but you should be honored for your bravery, compassion, and loyalty. All veterans should be honored, not just on special holidays, but everyday.
     I am the proud grandson of Sergeant John "Jack" Touey. My grandfather was held captive in Korea for 33 months. In those 33 months of his life, he attempted escape twice and withheld the secrets of his fellow servicemen and America even when it sacrificed his own mental and physical wellbeing.
     When I was growing up my grandfather would rather teach me how to play cards than tell me the details of his service in the United States Army. Yet, these stories and the beautiful shiny medals that hung in my grandfather's office always intrigued me, especially the Purple Heart.
     To me, the Purple Heart was a shiny gold medal that showed your bravery. The medal was decorated in purple ribbon and plated in gold and purple. The plate was shaped like a heart with a golden edge and a golden figure, the purple outlining the golden figure. Written on the back was your military merit, your name, and Army rank. This medal, however, came with meaning.
     To you it was a reminder of a dark time. The Purple Heart represented the 33 months that you spent in captivity: the day you were shot at and the day that they threw you in the hole. You would never get those days back nor would you be able to erase the memories. Yet, these moments gave me you. They taught me bravery, compassion, humility, and strength. The Purple Heart brought pain and joy to you, but it was also a reminder to always be grateful.
     That shiny gold medal taught us a lot. It kept your journey real and raw. It's funny, now, that even though you've been gone for many years, I still see the Purple Heart as intriguing, but I also see a twenty year old you. I think how, while I sat in class at almost 20 with my freedom, you were 20 and fighting for that freedom.
     Grandpa, Korea may have worn your down. It may have changed you. It, however, made you the man that I am so proud and honored to call grandpa. It made you the man who embodied love, compassion, strength, humility, intelligence, and bravery. Korea is over and you are gone, but I will always hold the Purple Heart and your bravery close to me. I tell my children about their great-grandfather. He was the man awarded the Purple Heart for his bravery, bravery that saved hundreds of American lives.
     So today, on the week of Veterans Day, I not only honor and remember you, my grandfather and all my relatives and friends who have served, but all veterans. If you have ever put on that uniform--thank you. Thank you for your loyalty, your compassion, and your immense strength. Thank you for making a sacrifice that I never could. I wish that every day were Veterans Day because you deserve recognition every day of your lives.
May we continue to keep our Veterans and Grandparents in our prayers.
God bless,
Jack Nelson
Students are asked to bring an assigned food item and $1.00 (suggested amount) to purchase a turkey or chicken to fill a Thanksgiving basket. These food baskets are distributed by the
St. George Chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society to needy families residing in St. George Parish. Each year, we are able to provide a basket for about 35 - 40 families.
Through this service project we have an excellent opportunity to teach and reinforce the spirit of generosity.  Parents may wish to consider the following:
  • Have your child work at some "little job" around the house to earn the cost of the contribution.
  • Encourage your child to give from his/her savings.
Please return monetary and food donations by Wednesday, November 15th. Thank you for your generosity and support.

Please join us next  Thursday, November 16th at 6:30 pm in the Kleinpeter Activity Center for an evening with Signe Whitson.
Signe Whitson is a certified school social worker, author and internationally recognized speaker with 20 years of experience working with children, teens and families.
 She presents workshops nationwide for students, parents and professionals on understanding and ending bullying.  Mrs. Whitson will be speaking with the students and faculty earlier in the day.  

During this presentation, parents will hear Mrs. Whitson speak on:
  • how parents can most effectively listen to their children
  • help their children problem-solve around tough social dynamics 
  • confront bullying whenever they see/hear it 
  • keep up with kids' online behavior
There will be a special gift card drawing for parents, as well as a free dress day for students of parents, who attend this interesting and informative presentation.  We hope to see you there!

Thursday, November 9
Family Night - No Homework/No Activities
Friday, November 10
Grandparents Day
Follow Thursday Schedule

Wednesday, November 15
4th Grade Reconciliation
Thursday, November 16
Parent Presentation on Bullying, 6:30pm, 
Kleinpeter Activity Center

Friday, November 17        School Liturgy, 8:00am
       1st Grade Native American Festival
Monday, November 20 -
  Friday, November 24

       Thanksgiving Holidays

All are invited to Park and Pray the Rosary each  Monday  and  Wednesday  afternoons beginning at  2:15 pm  in the Chapel

Pre-K Program
St. George School is proud to offer a Pre-K program which will begin educating 4 year old students in August, 2018.  Interested parents may apply online now.
The goal of the Pre-K program is to provide a strong foundation for our students that will help  to ensure success in kindergarten and beyond.  Religion, academic, and enrichment classes along with free play and rest time will be part of the day for our Pre-K students. Find more information HERE .

Our Home and School Association has an abundance of uniform  sweatshirts
and navy jackets for sale. These sweatshirts and navy jackets 
are in great condition
and will be perfect for the upcoming colder days.
Please contact Julie Walsh at  julieellers@hotmail.com, if you are interested in
purchasing a sweatshirt or navy jacket.

                                                     (child sizes)                                  (adult sizes)
Sweatshirt                                          $5                                                     $5
Navy Jacket                                     $12                                                   $14

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Google Classroom.

Federal and State regulations prohibit our cafeteria employees from charging the child's account for a parent meal.  Additionally, we do not accept credit cards and we do not keep cash on hand so parents must pay the exact amount or write a check. Adult meal price is $5.00.


November cafeteria payments are due now .  All school meal payments are due in advance.  Please remember to send extra funds for seconds and extra items.  
  • November Lunch prices are: Full price $50.15;  Reduced price - $6.30
  • November Breakfast prices are: Full price - $30.60;  Reduced price - $5.10
  • www.myschoolbucks.com
    • Monitor your students' cafeteria purchases with an online account
    • Set up alerts and make payments by credit card or bank draft
    • It's not necessary to make payments in order to set up an account.  
    • You may send check or cash payments to school.   
*Please note that according to the LA. School Food Service Policy Guidance Manual, outside restaurant food, soft drinks, and candy are not allowed in the school cafeteria. Your compliance is appreciated.

Keep up with the happenings around St. George by reading the St. George Catholic Church Bulletin HERE.
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