Dragon Tales  Weekly Newsletter
January 12, 2017   

Dear St. George Families,
This past summer I attended a three-day workshop that explored the concept of a "fixed mindset" and a "growth mindset." Although the workshop was geared towards students, the lessons learned can be applied to everyone.
A "fixed mindset" says that "who I am now is who I'll always be." We often do this-in effect, we stereotype ourselves: You can hear it when someone says, "I'm dumb," or "I stink in Math."  Sometimes girls think, "I'm no good in Math or Science-that's a boys' thing-but I'm better in English." Or exactly the opposite from the boys side: "I'm terrible in English, but I don't care, because literature is for girls. Boys are supposed to be good in Math and Science and not English." 
Do you see the common thread? I am ____. I will always be _____. We stereotype ourselves, labeling ourselves as either X or Y. 
The problem with a fixed mindset is it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Tell yourself you're a dummy, believe the stereotype, and it's pretty much guaranteed you'll be a dummy all your life. "I'm just dumb in math, so I'll quit trying to be anything different. Whenever I can, I'll avoid having to do math."  But then l never get smarter.  It's as if intelligence is a FIXED THING-your IQ never changes. 
But science proves, over and over, that intelligence is NOT a fixed thing. It can improve. Or it can deteriorate! It's all about the neural connections in our brain. How much effort we put in, how much sleep we get, exercise we do, what we eat, can affect the neural connections, causing us to become smarter.  That's what's meant by a "growth" mindset. A growth mindset says "These are my grades now, but they're not going to define me; I can improve them. I can get smarter. And if you really believe that, and live as if you can, you can in fact get smarter. 
So don't be discouraged by grades. Regard these as your baseline, your starting point. OK, I am here, but I'm going to work really hard, because I am shooting for ____.   
Go to bed earlier. How cool is that? It's the easiest first step in improving intelligence. If you're tired in class a lot, that's God's way to telling you that your brain needs more rest. Exercise more regularly. If you feel sluggish, that means your brain isn't at an optimal level. Eat good food-nutritious food. Yeah, fruits and vegetables, not the pre-processed sugars.  Tackle your worst subject with a kind of "I can" attitude-that you're not going to let it defeat you. Discipline yourself to read more closely-if the teacher is assigning reading homework, read with a pen in hand and summarize the main point of what you read for each page: you'll be amazed how much better you'll comprehend if you have to summarize as you read. Start a good book-doesn't have to be great literature-choose something that interests you. If you like horses, read about horses. Sports, read about sports. But turn off the smart phone at night and read some instead, you have to do it frequently. There are no shortcuts. 
Life is an adventure. Look at it as a challenge. Who we turn out to be, how smart we become, is partly up to us. Let's embrace that and see how far we can go! 
God bless,
Jack Nelson

St. George Catholic School, a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence for 2016, is accepting applications for NEW students for the 2017-2018 school year.
Apply online at www.st-georgeschool.com . Please note that Kindergarten applicants must be 5 years old by September 30, 2017 to be eligible for Kindergarten.
Contact: Charlene Lauman ~ charlene.lauman@sgschoolbr.org or 225-293-1298 

Code Red Lockdown Drill
St. George School will be having a Code Red Lockdown drill on Wednesday, January 18 from 1:50-2:20pm. Students will not be allowed to check out during this time so please plan accordingly.

Friday, January 13 
     School Liturgy, 8:00am
     Report Cards, 6-8
Monday, January 16
     Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - No School
Tuesday, January 17
     Religion Club Meeting, 7:20am, KAC
Wednesday, January 18
     6th Grade Reconciliation
     Code Red Lockdown Drill, 1:50-2:20pm

Friday, January 20
     School Liturgy, 8:00am
     Academic and Behavior Awards Following Mass
     Winter Follies Rehearsal, 6:00pm
Saturday, January 21 
     5th Gr. In His Image Talk    
     Winter Follies Performances, 2:00pm and 6:00pm
Sunday, January 22
     Winter Follies Performance, 2:00pm
Tuesday, January 24
     1st Eucharist Seminar
Thursday, January 26 - Friday, February 3
     Re-Enrollment of Current Students
Tuesday, January 17 - Friday, January 27
Every year for Catholic Schools Week, each school in the Diocese is asked to collaborate and bring items for Catholic Charities. Our items help Catholic Charities to continue their mission and help each family that is in need of a new start. This year St. George School is being asked to bring in new kitchen supplies: pots, pans, cooking utensils, kitchen towels, bakeware, plates, cups, saucers, etc. 
Monetary donations to be used to purchase kitchen supplies are also welcomed.
  • Re-enrollment for current students will take place from Friday, January 27 - Friday, February 3
  • Information regarding online re-enrollment will be emailed to all families on Thursday, January 26. 
  • If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call the school office at 225-293-1298.
For Tickets, Click Image  caption text here.
SGS Winter Follies "Goes to the Movies!"
St. George Performing Arts Education Series presents the  
3rd Annual Musical Theatre Production
"SGS Winter Follies Goes to the Movies"
Saturday, January 21, Matinee at 2 p.m. and Evening Performance at 6 p.m.   
Sunday, January 22, Matinee at 2 p.m.    
  • This outstanding musical theatre production showcases the talents of SGS 5th thru 8th grade students.  
  • Don't miss the opportunity to see this entertaining show and to support the arts at St. George Catholic School.
  • All school meal payments are due in advance. Please remember to send extra funds for seconds and extra items.
  • January Lunch prices: Full price $52.20, Reduced price - $7.20
  • January Breakfast prices: Full price - $32.40, Reduced price - $4.40
  •  All families are encouraged to monitor your students' cafeteria purchases with anonline account at www.myschoolbucks.com. There you can set up alerts and make payments by credit card or bank draft. It is not necessary to make payments in order to set up an account. We will always accept check or cash payments at school.

  • Mark your calendars! Volleyball tryouts will be held Friday January 27- Monday January 30.
  • Times will be announced next week in Dragon Tales´╗┐´╗┐.
  • Practice starts the week of February 6. Season starts March 6 and ends April 27.
  • Will take place after February 2.
  • Time and date will be announced in next week's Dragon Tales.
  • Practice is tentatively scheduled to start February 15.
  • More information to come in next week's Dragon Tales.
Intramural TEEBALL / COACHES PITCH registration is being held now! Teams are tentatively scheduled to play every Saturday morning at St. George from March 11th thru April 8th (5 games). Practice days and times are at the coach's discretion. Forms will be accepted in the office until the end of the school day on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2017. NO LATE FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED! Fee is $25.00 per player made payable to the St. George Athletic Association and must accompany registration form for processing.
Find form and more information HERE.

INTRAMURAL KICKBALL  1st-2nd & 3rd-4th
  Intramural KICKBALL registration is being held now! Teams are tentatively scheduled to play every Sunday afternoon at St. George from March 12th thru April 9th (5 games) . Practice days/ times are at the coach's discretion. Forms will be accepted in the office until the end of the school day on FRIDAY February 3, 2017. NO LATE FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED! Fee is $30.00 per player made payable to the St. George Athletic Association and must accompany registration form for processing.
Find form and more information  HERE.

Boys Basketball Tournaments
  • Come cheer on the Dragons to victory at our upcoming home tournaments:
    6-8th Varsity January 13 - 16
    6-8th JV January 19 - 22

Parent Work Duty
We need your help! Parents are asked to sign up for three work shifts through the course of each of their child's regular sports season- tournament participation requires extra work shifts (specific requirements will be emailed directly to parents via coaches). Link to sign up HERE.


Girls on the Run is a 10-week after-school program that uses the power of running to inspire joy, health and confidence in girls. The curriculum creatively incorporates training for a 5k with lessons that encourage third through fifth grade girls to develop essential life skills. The program has been a big success since coming to St. George four years ago.
For additional information about the program, and to register, check out the Girls on the Run websites at http://www.girlsontherunsola.org/.
Afternoon Receptionist Needed!
St. George Church has an immediate opening for an experienced office receptionist. This is a 20 -25 hour/week position from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and 9 to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays. The receptionist serves as the Church's first point of contact with church members and the general public. The successful candidate will be a motivated self-starter with a kind and professional demeanor, and will possess a positive attitude and excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills. He or she must be able to remain productive with minimal supervision, and be able to work as part of the church ministerial team. He or she must have strong computer skills familiar with the Windows operating system and be proficient with Microsoft Office. Experience with Parish Data Systems Church Management software is a plus. Interested applicants should send resume to: Martin Hernandez, Director of Administration at martinh@st-george.org or fill out an application at the Church Office.

Keep up with the happenings around St. George by reading the St. George Catholic Church Bulletin HERE . 
St. George Catholic School
(225) 293-1298