Dragon Tales Weekly Newsletter
September 8, 2016

Dear St. George Families,
     Pay attention to the faces in the world. There is a true story about a lady named Sally. Sally was single and met a widower who swept her off her feet telling her about a prosperous farm he owned with many servants to help out. He proposed to her and she accepted. Upon crossing a river to her new home she was surprised to find a hut with no floors or windows, wild blackberry vines all over, and two very thin, poorly clad children inside.
     What a shock! She was tempted to turn around and leave. Yet, as she looked at the youngest boy and his eyes met hers, she decided to stay for the sake of these children who needed a mother.
     When Sally looked at the face of the ten-year-old child, she had no idea that her stepson would grow up to be a famous president, Abraham Lincoln.
     When you are having a difficult time, look into the face of a child and dream of what they can become. The face you see is the face of the future. You make a difference every day in the lives of your children. Dream of the type of person you want them to become, then help them achieve it.
     Does your dream include their spiritual development? How is that fostered at home? Does your family take time for prayer?
     Children grow up to live the values they are taught at an early age. Recognize the potential in your child-and all children-and help them to develop and grow to become saints. Isn't that really our greatest calling?
Have a great week!
God Bless,
Jack Nelson

Prayerful Thought for the Week 
The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's, smile at someone and receive a smile. In return are to me continual spiritual exercises.
                                                                                                Leo Buscaglia
I want to inform you that Coach Shelly has resigned his position as Athletic Director at St. George School effective 9/7/16. Coach Shelly has been a part of athletics at St. George for many years. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.
Jack Nelson

Friday, September 9
School Liturgy, 8:00am
Pep Rally, 1:30pm, Gym (See notes below)

Monday, September 12 - Friday, September 16
Book Fair Preview Week

Tuesday, September 13 
Progress Reports

Wednesday, September 14 
Cub Scout Annual New Scout & Parent Orientation Night, 6:30pm, Cafeteria 

Thursday, September 15
JDRF WACKY WALK, 7:20-7:45am, Gym 

Friday, September 16
School Liturgy, 8:00am, Church

Sunday, September 18
Book Fair Open House, 12:00pm - 2:00 pm, Library  
Monday, September 19 - Friday, September 23 
Book Fair Sale Week (See details below)

Thursday, September 22 
Book Fair Night Out, 4:30pm - 7:30pm
Flood Make-Up Dates - St. George School will make up three (3) days of school for the flooding event of last week. The make-up days are: Monday, October 10th, Friday, May 26th and one other date to be announced.  


  Please note:
  • Students playing fall sports in grades 3-8 may put their jersey or sport t-shirt over their uniform for the pep rally.
  • Students who need an early checkout must check out from the school office prior to 1:15pm.
  • At 1:20pm the students will leave their classrooms and will not be able to return to their classroom until the end of the Pep Rally. After the Pep Rally students will be dismissed their usual way.
  • The office will not sign students out after 1:15pm.
  • Parents are welcome to attend the Pep Rally.
  • School dismissal will be immediately after the Pep Rally.
  • Parents, please get in carpool to pick your children.
  • Help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes by purchasing paper sneakers for $1 each
  • JDRF WACKY WALK - Thursday, September 15 - 7:20-7:45am, Gym
Volunteer Certification
  • Any adult (18 years and older) wanting to volunteer with children of St. George Catholic School must fulfill the requirements as mandated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Diocese of Baton Rouge.
  • In order to be assigned to a field trip or class activity, parents must successfully complete the volunteer certification process by Friday, September 30, 2016.
  • Find Volunteer Certification requirements HERE
Out-Of-Uniform Guidelines
As stated in the Parent Student Handbook, please note the below Out-Of-Uniform Guidelines for future Out-Of-Uniform days.

On designated Out-of-Uniform days the following may be worn:
  • Shirt with sleeves in Class Spirit color (see below) or current fair t-shirt; no midriff cut, no offensive advertising or language.
  • Properly fitting long jeans may be worn by either boys or girls. Girls may wear capri cut pants (mid-calf length) and boys may wear the Uniform Shorts/Pants.
  • Leggings and legging-style pants are not permitted.
  • Girls in grades K-5 may wear Class Spirit Color Shirt or current fair t-shirt over their jumper.
  • Girls in grades 6-8 may wear Class Spirit Color Shirt or current fair t-shirt with their skort.
  • Any style tennis shoes with any style sock may be worn. Boots, sandals, flip-flops, and Crocs are not permitted.
  • In cold weather, any color sweatshirt, jacket/coat may be worn.
  • This Out-of-Uniform dress code applies to all Out-of-Uniform days.
  • The designated class colors are:
    Kindergarten and Sixth grade = red
    First and Seventh grade = purple
    Second and Eighth grade = yellow
    Third grade = green
    Fourth grade = orange
    Fifth Grade = blue
Ahoy Bookaneers!
The St. George Book Fair is fast approaching! The theme this year is Bookaneers.  Please take note of the dates below:
  • September 12-16:  Preview Week - Students will visit to preview during their regular library time.
  • Sunday, September 18: Book Fair Open House
    12:00pm - 2:00pm
  • September 19 - 22:  Book Fair Sale Week
  • Thursday, September 22: Book Fair Family Night Out 4:30pm - 7:30pm
    Come by with your family to purchase books and enjoy good food and music. Several food trucks will be here and the SGS Advanced Band will be performing.
  • Diary of a Wimpy kid: Double Down will be on pre-order.
Coincidentally, Monday, September 19 is International Talk and Dress like a Pirate Day, which fits right in with the Book Fair theme! To promote reading and the book fair, students may wear pirate accessories (eye patch, hat, bandana, etc.) to school on this day!

The SGS Book Fair is quickly approaching! The children always enjoy this event. Volunteers are needed to make this year's
Book Fair a big success!  Thank you for your support!
  • Volunteer opportunities include: set-up, Open House, class visitations, Family Night and take down.
  • Please sign-up HERE.
  • Food truck/vendors needed for Family Night Out on September 22nd
  • Contact Mrs. Taylor, SGS Librarian, at jennifer.taylor@sgschoolbr.org or Pamela Lerch, Library Chair, at 832-541-5732.

Visit the fair website here to:
  • Purchase Fair T-shirts ($22) until 
    Monday, September 19
  • Purchase Fair Ride Bracelets ($45)
  • Volunteer!
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Fair Events Here
St. George Fair is looking for 7 diesel powered light towers and a forklift for this year's Fair.  We hope that you or your company would be willing to donate these light towers and forklift for our fair on Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th.  All donations are tax deductible!
Please contact Scott Johnson, SJohnson@hargrove-epc.com, if you are able to help. Thank you. 
Cub Scout Annual New Scout and Parent Orientation Night  
Wednesday, September 14th, 6:30pm, Cafeteria
This event is open to any 1st thru 5th grade boy interested
in joining Cub Scouts. 
St. George Dragonettes 
3rd Annual Jr. Dragonette Dance Clinic
Our St. George Dragonettes are putting on the 3rd Annual Jr. Dragonette Dance Clinic for all SGS students DK-5th grade.
  • Jr. Dragonettes will perform with our very own Dragonettes at halftime of a SGS Football game on October 16th! Don't miss the excitement!! 
  • Permission Slips (here) and payments are due to Ms. Hartung by Friday, September 30th.
St. George Catholic Church Bulletin

SGS families not on the email list to receive the St. George Church bulletin may access the bulletin HERE
SGS Piano Lab
The start dates for after school Piano Lab classes will be Tuesday, Sept. 20, and Wednesday, Sept. 21.
Registration for the SGS Piano Lab Classes is still open.

Registration Forms are available in the School Office & St. Cecilia Hall.

Piano Class Schedule:
th/5th Grade Piano Class:  Tuesday After School from 3pm to 4pm        
Middle School Piano Class:  Wednesday After School from 3pm to 4pm
Questions regarding the SGS Piano Lab Classes may be directed to Mrs. Michelle Nelson at mwn6861@aol.com, or to Mrs. Jan Dupre, jan.dupre@sgschoolbr.org.
St. George Catholic School
(225) 293-1298