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October 2017
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Hard to believe, but Superintendent Donny Valdock has watered the course more in the last two weeks of September than he did the whole year.  To say that 2017 has not been a typical year would be an understatement.  For as many bad weeks of weather that we had to start the year we have more than made up for it in great ones!  We still have more warm weather on tap for October and with our Fall Rates in effect, you will continue to get great value on a fantastic golf course.
Course improvements:
If you have played Dragonfly recently you might have noticed our grounds staff working on improving drainage and the re-routing of cart paths on hole #3 and #12. Most importantly, our "Tee it Forward" project is in the process of being completed. By the middle of 2018, all 18 holes will have a legitimate tee deck for newer golfers, (or golfers who do not hit the ball a long distance).   Tee it Forward tees allow our customers to play 18 holes at just over 3,500 yards. We at Dragonfly strongly believe that golf is a lot more fun when you are making pars and birdies!  There are still five more tee options to choose from stretching to a maximum of 6,670 yards.   

Who is Michelle Zelney?
Dragonfly's success hinges on so many factors.  The largest attribute we have here is our staff.  One key member of the Dragonfly team who does not get enough recognition is Michelle Zelney.  Most of our casual customers may never see her, but Dragonfly, and all of her staff depend on her. I tried hard to think of a title for this beautiful and spirited lady .... and failed miserably.  She oversees Human Resources, creates policy, trains staff in all departments, does payroll, monitors inventory control, and looks after accounting. When things really get busy (which seems to be more and more recently) she could be seen doing just about anything to pitch in, whether it's busing tables, serving beer, or helping out in the kitchen.  On a personal level, Michelle has become a great friend, and I have relied upon her heavily over my three years here at Dragonfly.
For who you are, and all you have done - Thank you Michelle!!     
Membership Drive 
It is not too late to take advantage of some great incentives for joining Dragonfly. With payment of 2018 membership dues your can receive one of the following:
  1. Play the rest of this year for free
  2. Get a 5% of the value of membership back in the form of a Voucher for you to use as you see fit!

If you are thinking about joining Dragonfly and have any questions I hope that you will reach out to me.  I would be happy to give you a tour of the facility, or sit down to go over the many perks of joining Dragonfly. In addition, I would like to offer you a complimentary round of golf to help with your decision making process.  Simply give me a call at 613-857-5458 to get things rolling.  

Yours truly,

Bill Rainboth, General Manager 





   A special thanks to Katrina Crozier for her efforts organizing this great event. Over $1,000 was raised in support of 
Renfrew's own Sunshine Coach
transportation service!


Big CONGRATULATIONS being sent out to Michel and Mike for being our September Aces! 

2017 Men's League Champs! Congratulations to Renfrew Pizzeria and their Team Members (from left to right) Jamie Cloutier, Captain Joey Dufour, Jason English, Kyle Williams, Tyson Utronki and Cody Lafont

Shown here are our very own Cook & Champion Fiddler, Terri Lynn and our fabulous Host with the Most, Mik (e) McCormick.

"...Well, now the time's come for the parting. Once more we must go our own way. Tonight we have made some more memories. And nothing can take them away..."
  - Daniel O'Donnell 
A huge heartfelt thank you to all that came out and participated in our Open Mik Nites! 

With your support, 2017 was a great success. 

Click the link below to book your tee time today!  

Back for 2017...

At Dragonfly Golf Links we appreciate your business and are happy to offer you our Loyalty Points program (Dragonfly Loyalty Points) where our points never expire and no card is required.
You will accumulate one DFLP (Dragonfly Loyalty Point) for every dollar you spend at the course (food, green fees, power carts, rental items or proshop goods).
How do I accumulate points?
The first time you book a tee time or come to play at Dragonfly Golf Links, our awesome staff build your customer profile that includes your name, phone number, email address, etc.
Each time you make a purchase at Dragonfly, it's important to identify yourself to our staff so that you continue to earn DFLPs.

At the point of purchase, DFLPs will be added to your profile and your total points (to date) will be printed on your receipt.
Again, it is important to make sure that we are adding transactions to YOUR profile.  As an example, if you let your friend pay for your golf, and you pay him, your loyalty points will be awarded to his profile.
How Do I Check My Balance?
To check your DFLP balance, you can visit or call the Pro Shop or check the total DFLPs printed on your last receipt. 
How Do I Redeem My DFLPs?
You can redeem your DFLPs by simply asking to redeem them when you check into the Pro Shop. 
What Can I Get With My DFLPs?
Points can be used to pay for anything from green fees, power and pull cart rentals, golf club rentals, and range balls. You can also use your DFLPs for up to 50% on Pro Shop soft good items. 
* DFLPs can  not be used in conjunction with regular sale items or for food and beverages.
Are there other things I can redeem points for?
Yes. Dragonfly offers terrific value by allowing you to purchase certain merchandise items using a combination of cash and DFLPs. 
  • 200 points = 9 hole green fee
  • 400 points = 18 hole green fee
  • 300 points = 1/2 cart rental
  • 600 points = full cart rental
  • 200 points = golf club rental
  • 50 points = large bucket range balls
For more information, call the Pro Shop:
613.432.3838 or 1.888.275.3838
  Be sure to come out for an unforgettable round! It is " Worth the Drive"!
  The Dragonfly Team
  T: 613.432.3838 or

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