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DreamChasers RV of Burlington is proud to serve as your local RV Dealership. We value your thoughts and experiences so please give us a review on any of our social media websites.

The DreamChasers Experience
Dear Valued Patron,

At DreamChasers RV we are proud to serve as your local Skagit Valley RV Dealership. 

This year has been an absolutely incredible year. We have everything to be thankful for because of the wonderful customers we serve and meet everyday. The Skagit Va lley community is truly the heart of this business and we are blessed to be a part of it. 

As always, in regard to any questions or concerns with your RV needs, please feel more than welcome to contact me.

Have fun and be safe!

Raymond Goda

How to Properly Re-Caulk RV Seals

Step One: With mild soap and water, wash your entire camper.  If you have a pop-up camper, wash your camper with the pop-up closed.  If your camper is not clean, you are not going to see the seals as easily.

Step Two: Inspect your entire camper for seals that are cracked or coming away from the fixtures. 

Step Three: Remove the old caulk by spraying the caulked areas with a strong citrus cleaner. 

Step Four:  Use a plastic scraper to remove the old caulk. For easy removal, use a thick, high quality scraper.

Step Five: After removing the old caulk, wash the citrus cleaner off with soapy water and wipe it clean. If you do not wash the citrus cleaner off, it could dissolve in the new caulk and make it so the new caulking does not completely seal.

Step Six:  Using a  caulk gun , seal the body of the camper with  Geocel  and the roof with d icor
After applying the caulk.  

Step Seven: Use a spray bottle to spray soapy water on your hand. With your soapy fingers, wipe the excess caulk off with your fingers.This cleans up the caulk and keeps your hands clean.

Step Eight: After you complete the caulking, let your camper dry for at least two hours. It's very important that the camper does not sit out in the rain during this time.

by Kurt Burns
If you haven't been to Kalaloch or Ruby Beach now is the time! This is some of the most beautiful Coastline the Northwest has to offer.  
There are plenty of things to do and as many of you know, I especially love the coastline this time of year! 
Here are just a few. 
As always, be safe, have fun and enjoy!
Service Reminder
Important Service Reminder to Winterize Your RV
If you have not winterized your RV now is the time! Call us to schedule an appointment to have this done for $67.47 plus tax (includes up to one gallon of antifreeze). 

It is extremely important to take care of your recreational vehicle especially during the winter months. Winterizing your vehicle prevents pipes from breaking and water from freezing inside. 

Also, make sure you inspect the roof your RV before storing for the long winter months. This could possibly prevent water damage from coming through the cracks of the roof. 

DreamChasers is here to help!
Camco 12' Water Hose Heated 1/2"
Camco's Heated Water Hose provides safe drinking water in below freezing temperatures by combining a drinking-water-safe hose with a self-regulating heat source encapsulated in an all-weather, PVC coating.
Camco has tested it's Heated Drinking Water Hose at ambient temperatures down to -40°F while maintaining an inside water temp well above freezing.

December 11:  Celtic Yuletide presented by the Lincoln Theater is a concert that you will always remember! With many different types of instruments being played throughout the concert it will be a great experience to take the whole family to. 

December 17: Snow Geese of the Skagit- Christianson's Nursery is the perfect time of the year to take the family out to see the huge migration of snow geese that come from the farmlands of Alaska and Russia. 

December 24, 25 & 26: DreamChasers RV will be CLOSED.

December 24 & 25: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Have a fantastic holiday from the DreamChasers RV team!   

December 31: New Years Eve Fireworks  end the year with a BANG! Bring friends and family to the firework show to  Windjammer Park in Oak Harbor starting at 9 p.m. So sit down and enjoy the fireworks for FREE. 
Save $30 on a heated fresh water hose! This hose is perfect for winter RVing. It has a  1/2-inch internal diameter and is 12 feet long. This is suitable for drinking fresh water and is rated to go below -40 degrees. 
Offer Expires 1/10/2017.  Available at DreamChasers RV Store only while supplies last.

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