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The DreamChasers Experience
Dear Valued Patron,

Spring is coming soon!

That means its time for you to start planning your spring and summer travels.

DreamChasers offers services to make this transition enjoyable and something to look forward to every year.

As always, in regard to any questions or concerns with your RV needs, please feel free to contact me.

Stay safe, have fun and, enjoy.

Raymond Goda

by Kurt Burns

Spring is fast approaching and the camping season is just beginning. Please remember now is the time to start getting your RV ready for the camping season.

Here are a few of the many great camping spots across the state.

As always, be safe, have fun and enjoy.  
De-Winterizing an RV  
Step One: Inspect around the RV and make sure there are no water leaks, or cracks. Re-caulk any cracks you see around the trailer. 

Step Two: Inspect the tires. Make sure the tire pressure is inflated accurately as cold winter air can deflate your tire pressure.  

Step Three: Clean all appliances. Clean up any foreign debris such as dust and spider webs.

Step Four: Check RV batteries to make sure they are fully charged.

Step Five: Check Liquid Propane levels and make sure all propane outlets are turned off.

Step Six: Test the water pipes and lines. Make sure the hot water heater bypass valve is in the normal position and all faucets are closed. Turn on hot and cold water faucet during the filling. After the water runs steady make sure to shut off the faucets. Make sure to run enough water to clear all the anti freeze out of the RV.   

Step Seven: Inspect the valve seal on your waste tank. Carefully work the handle in and out in short increments to make sure it is opening and closing properly.

Step Eight: Make sure your generator is fueled and ready to go.

DreamChasers offers a full De-Winterization service at $49.99. Contact us for additional information.
No RV No Problem 
Want an RV just for an occasion, a weekend, a vacation or simply to try it out?    

Click here to check out a variety of RV's in our rental fleet.  
Our rental process and rental terms with rates are available online.     
The Telesteps 100SS is a great addition to your RV to give you an extra height boost when needed.

This product will add an extra 12" to your height to allow you to reach upper cupboards and shelves.

The heavy-duty aluminum construction is able to support 250 lbs with ease.

The stool also features a compact folding design that allows for easier storage.

Special price at $19.99 while supplies last!  

February 11: Try all the delicious local merchants chocolate at the Coupeville Chocolate Walk with the entire family!

February 14: Have and incredible Valentine's Day with your loved ones you truly care about.

February 15: Free Movie Night at the Skagit Valley Co-Op. Watch the compelling movie that spreads awareness of how bees are facing worldwide extinction.

February 24: The James Hunter Six a Grammy nominated band is performing a soulful sound at the McIntryre Hall.

Enjoy your discount on the 25 foot Camco Heated Water Hose.

Camco's Heated Water Hose provides safe drinking water in below freezing temperatures by combining a drinking-water-safe hose with a self-regulating heat source encapsulated in an all-weather, PVC coating. Camco has tested it's Heated Drinking Water Hose at ambient temperatures down to -40 Degree Fahrenheit while maintaining an inside water temp well above freezing.

Call our Parts Department at 360-755-3218 for additional information.
Offer Expires 3/10/2017.  Available at DreamChasers RV Store only while supplies last.
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