Dreamchaser Horse Rescue
Newsletter  -  July 2013  
Big Red placing first at the Hawthorne Park Race Track in Chicago.
Can you believe he was sent for slaughter? Read about our wonderful horse below!
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~ Jacki ~

Jacki has been volunteering with Dreamchaser for 5 years. She helps at the ranch and with special events. She even does admin work!

Thanks for your help Jacki!

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Happy Independence Day! I hope you are enjoying your summer and staying safe.

Miss Sparrow

Those of you who have been to Dreamchaser have met our official greeter, Sparrow, a Norwegian Pygmy Goat. Sparrow is a sanctuary animal and has faithfully performed her duties at the ranch for many years.

Like many of her breed, Sparrow suffered from "false pregnancies", which caused her udders to fill painfully with milk. So it was decided that Sparrow would have a hysterectomy to eliminate this ongoing problem.

However, as the vet drained her udders and prepared her for surgery, he discovered that Sparrow's udders were badly damaged. Instead of a hysterectomy, she had a double mastectomy! Sparrow is recovering, but her medical costs were over $2,000!

Our friends (and mother and daughter!) Lee and Melissa Stevens started a fundraiser to help pay for Sparrow's vet bills. If you are able to donate even a small amount, you can join the fundraiser by going to A Gift for Sparrow. Thank you for contributing what you can toward Sparrow's expenses.


Things have been quiet at the ranch. A little too quiet on the "help" side of things! No matter how hot it is, the 50+ horses and sanctuary animals still need to be fed and their daily needs provided for.

We had planned to make Feeding & Watering the next Volunteer Workshop topics, but we discovered that it's difficult to plan a workshop around the feeding schedule, which is daily at 7 am, 2 pm and 9 pm. Not the best times for a workshop!

Instead we are informally inviting volunteers (who have gone through orientation) to join me at the ranch at 7 am, 2 pm or 9 pm and learn all about feeding and watering the Dreamchaser way! Just drop in! 

Volunteer Workshops

We have two Volunteer Workshops this month. First, for those who missed it we are repeating the Haltering, Leading and Grooming Workshop on Wednesday, July 10, from 6 - 8 pm. This is a great, hands-on event for new or inexperienced volunteers, or those who would like a refresher!

Many of the participants in the June workshops asked for more advanced training in leading a horse. We think that is a GREAT IDEA! Why? Horses are moved between different turnouts a couple of times each day. That doesn't require advanced training.

However, we also like to take our horses on trail walks in the beautiful desert around the ranch. And during the cooler months we have special events that require more leading experience. These include our Lean on Me program for foster children, birthday parties and special events where we provide horse rides for kids.

An Advanced Leading Workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 24, from 6 - 8 pm. However, you must first go through orientation and have attended the Haltering, Leading and Grooming Workshop. These are both offered this month, so make sure you are qualified and ready to go on July 24!

We need to know how many volunteers will attend each workshop, so please confirm by sending a brief email to volunteer@dreamchaserpmu.org, or go to the event on our Facebook page and "comment".

Big Red - Winning Racehorse!

Many of you have met Big Red at the ranch or have seen him in a previous newsletter as our "Adoption Horse of the Month".

Our friend Jim Rickel provided us with two pictures of Big Red's first place finishes during his career as a Thoroughbred Racehorse. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words! Isn't he magnificent! 

And to think he was sent for slaughter when he stopped winning! One of the dirty secrets of the horse racing industry - when they no longer perform, they sell them by the pound. Big Red was rescued and has found love and compassion at Dreamchaser. You can visit his adoption page here!

Dreamchaser Summercamp is underway and the kids are having a great time building memories that will last forever! There are 3 half and full day sessions left, so get your cowboy or cowgirl registered while space is available! Just click here for more information or to register.

Thanks for all your love and support and for making it possible to save these beautiful animals. We can't do it without you!

Susan N. Thompson


Are you looking for something for your kids to do this summer?   
Summer Camp at Dreamchaser is the way to go!


Our camp is based on learning about horses and their care. Participants will learn about Dreamchaser Horse Rescue and learn about why our animals are here.   


Participants will have their own horse to work with throughout the week.  Although the camp is based
on horses, we take it a step further and give the participants a total Dreamchaser experience.  Participants will get to interact with all of our animals, including sheep, llamas, donkeys, minis, goats, ducks, chickens, peacocks, and a tortoise!
  • Participants will learn how to:
  • Be safe around horses
  • Responsibilities of owning a horse
  • Grooming and hoof care
  • Catching, haltering and leading a horse
  • Saddling, mounting and dismounting a horse
  • Basic riding skills
    Half Day Camp - 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.   $250.00/ week 
    Full Day Camp - 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.   $350.00/week 
    * $1/minute charge for late parents after 5:00 pm *
    Limit 6 children per class, minimum 4  
      Dates available:  
          July 8 - 12
          July 22 - 26
          August 5 - 9 


    You can pay online with PayPal or pay by check. Please click here to register, to pay and for further information.  Early registration is suggested to save a space for your child at the  Dreamchaser Summer Camp!  Hope to see you there!
    Adoption Horse of the Month - INCA!

    Dreamchaser believes in the 3R's: Rescue, gently Rehabilitate and whenever possible Re-home. Life is good for the horses at Dreamchaser, but there is nothing like having a family of one's own!

    Inca is a beautiful Percheron/Thoroughbred, Premarin mare. Like last month's featured horse, Honey, she was rescued from slaughter after her usefulness as a Premarin mare was over. And like most Premarin mares, it has taken time for her to trust humans again.  

    Inca is estimated to be around 14 years old. This big girl will walk nicely on a lead, and knows some groundwork, but still needs work. She is very sweet, curious, and willing to try.  

    If you would like to meet Inca, please call me at 602-910-6530, however first read through our adoption criteria at Dreamchaser Adoption Criteria. 



    Sponsorship Animal of the Month - EBONY!

    Ebony is a stunning black mare who was rescued from a Canadian feed lot in 2005. Without Dreamchaser's intervention, the next stop for this mare would have been slaughter. What a terrible waste! Ebony is about 18 years old, and will live out her remaining years surrounded by love at the ranch.

    Through our gentle rehabilitation and training, Ebony is under saddle and used in our children's programs and fundraising events.

    Sponsorship of a sanctuary animal has many benefits, both to the animals and to the people who are sponsoring. Sanctuary animals will never be adopted out and will spend the rest of their lives at Dreamchaser. This may be due to health issues, special physical needs, or the psychological trauma suffered prior to their rescue.

    The cost of caring for Ebony is $240/month. You can sponsor her for the whole amount, or even sponsor a hoof for $60/month! Remember, we are a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax deductible.

    Your monthly sponsor's donation will help feed, shelter, and pay for farrier and veterinary care. You will give Ebony the opportunity to have a wonderful life here at Dreamchaser.

    If you sponsor Ebony you can:

    • Come to Dreamchaser Ranch and visit her anytime you want 
    • Groom, pet and talk to her
    • Carry her photo to show your friends
    • And give her all the love and affection you have in your heart

    Most of our animals need sponsors. You can get more  information about the program at Dreamchaser Sponsorship Info. 

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Dreamchaser is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization. We can't rescue and care for abused and abandoned animals without dedicated volunteers. Every minute that you spend at the ranch helps!

    Volunteer orientation is held at the ranch on the first Saturday of every month at 10 am. If you would like to volunteer, but can't make it to a Saturday orientation please email Pam at volunteer@dreamchaserpmu.org. The next Volunteer Orientation is on Saturday, July 6, at 10 am.In order to attend any workshops, you must first go through orientation!

    Our Volunteer Mentor, Judy, is available on Monday and Thursday mornings from 7 - 10 am for new or inexperienced volunteers to work along side and learn from. In case you're wondering, experienced volunteers are at the ranch more than just Monday and Thursday mornings! Judy has made a commitment to be at the ranch at specific times for the mentoring program. Thanks Judy!

    Please read through the directions if it is your first time visiting the ranch. Hope to see you there!

    Make a difference - Become a volunteer! 
    Join our Dreamchaser family today! For more info, please go to Dreamchaser Volunteer Info.
    Birthday Parties & Petting Zoos!

    Party! Party! Party! The kids will have so much fun!

    Choose the Birthday Party package that is right for you! Our packages are designed for 8 children and you can bring your cake or have us provide one. Our Basic Buckaroo package includes Horseback Rides and Petting Zoo, but you can also add a ranch tour, learning how to groom and lead horses, and some good food into the deal! We also provide photo opportunities for everyone! We take the pictures with our animals, print out 4x6 photos, and have them ready to go home by the end of the party!

    There are different packages and prices, so please go to Dreamchaser Birthday Parties to find out more.

    On Raven's Wings - A USDA Licensed Petting Zoo

    As a rescue and rehabilitation center we occasionally accept animals other than horses, mainly from the Arizona Humane Society. The goal of our Petting Zoo, On Raven's Wings, is raise awareness and respect for animals of all kinds. We have turtles, an African Sulcata tortoise, Barbados sheep, dwarf Nigerian goats, Chinese crested chickens, ducks, rabbits,a Welsh pony, two mini-horses, two mini-burrows and two llamas!
    In addition to USDA licensing, Dreamchaser is accredited by the Global Federation of American Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association.
    You may request a Petting Zoo for your home or school or hold one here at the ranch. For pricing and more information, please go to Dreamchaser Petting Zoo.
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