In this issue: Celebrate Earth Day at Main Street Clean Sweep 2017, Start Your Garden at Green Living Lab (Feb. 25), & more from Bluegrass Greensource!
In this issue:
  •  Education Spotlight: a Trip to the E.W. Brown Generating Station: In January, our staff took Kentucky teachers on a tour of Ross Tarrant Architects in Lexington, KY and the E.W. Brown Generating Station in Mercer County, KY, as part of a program to provide professional development for teachers about Kentucky's energy past and future.
  •   This Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017, join Bluegrass Greensource and over 1,000 other Central Kentuckians in our annual, community led litter pick up! 
  • Thank YOU:  Thank you so much for your support during our Fall fundraising campaign! Click the title for a full recap of our efforts, and plans to make use of these vital funds. 
  • We're thrilled to announce our partnership with WUKY on the Green Living Lab Series! Beat those winter blues by signing up today for our February 25th, workshop, Winter Seed Sowing!

Education Spotlight: a Trip to the E.W. Brown Generating Station

By: Mallory Johnson,
Americorps VISTA 

Thanks to the support from the Department of Energy Development, on January 17th, Bluegrass Greensource took teachers and our Environmental Educators to RossTarrant Architects and E.W. Brown Generating Station for a day of learning and about energy sources and models firsthand! Our teachers will bring their experience and knowledge back into the classroom, to educate students about Kentucky's energy present and future. 

The E.W. Brown Plant showcases four generations of electricity-producing processes - a hydroelectric plant, three fossil-fueled generating units, seven combustion turbines and a universal solar facility. 

We're thankful for the support from the Department of Energy Development and Independence to make these field trip and professional development opportunities possible!  Click here to learn more about our day and our Energy Education program !

Kentucky Energy for Youth Teams are funded by the Department for Energy Development and Independence. Classroom education for this program is funded by Toyota.

Celebrate Earth Day with Bluegrass Greensource!

By: Ashley Bryant Cheney,
Environmental Educator & Volunteer Coordinator

At Bluegrass Greensource, we are getting ready for Earth Day! Yes, we know that it is only February, but April is just around the corne! Our annual Earth Day event is Main Street Clean Sweep, a community-led litter clean-up throughout our 20-county service area.

Every year volunteers, community groups, families, churches, and local governments get together to clean-up 20 communities around the Bluegrass. In 2016, 1,000 volunteers came together in 22 Central Kentucky communities to pick up 515 bags of litter, culminating in over FOUR TONS of waste! 

This year Main Street Clean Sweep is Saturday, April 22nd, and we are looking for volunteers all across the Bluegrass to get involved in cleaning up their communities!

Do you know of an area in your community that could really use some TLC? Want to get involved? For more information on Main Street Clean Sweep, click hereor send an email to!

This fall, Bluegrass Greensource celebrated its 15th anniversary. During that time, we have worked directly in communities throughout Central Kentucky to help people take the small steps in their daily lives that will add up to big impacts on our shared environment.

As we ramped up our end-of-year fundraising efforts, we were reminded of the deep community support that has been a part of our story thus far. Through this year's Good Giving Challenge and other fundraising efforts, you stepped up to help us raise $5,190 through 68 donations!

This is funding that will be used to bolster standards-based, community-focused environmental education. Your support will helps us conduct important events, like Home Energy Workshops for the Lexington refugee communities that provide simple and effective ways to increase their home comfort and save money on their utility bills; or lead a cohort of Central Kentucky public school teachers on an exploration of the role that coal has played in Kentucky's environmental, economic, and cultural history; or to simply continue our work with children in the more than 4,000 classrooms that our educators reach every year.

Your support and that of many other Central Kentuckians like who share your beliefs help make all of this possible. 

Thank you for supporting Bluegrass Greensource this fall and helping us start off our 16th year on the right foot!

Green Living Lab is a new  workshop series presented by Bluegrass Greensource staff, in partnership with WUKY.
Each hour-long workshop focuses on a new topic, to help you build your sustainability skills!

12 pm - 2 pm
$20 per person, including materials 

Start thinking about your 2017 garden plans!
Kentucky native plants are not only beautiful in wild open spaces but can add aesthetic value to urban environments around homes and schools. They help attract wildlife, conserve water and because they are adapted to our soils and climate do not need chemical inputs, such a fertilizers and pesticides!

The February workshop will introduce you to beneficial, native plants, help you get seeds started for your spring and summer gardens, and will also incorporate Monarch Waystations, an important element for any eco-friendly gardener. 

The $20 Registration includes all materials!
Click here to register for Winter Seed Sowing .

10 am - 12 pm
$15 per person, including materials to create cleaners

Keep your home clean and green:
Using simple ingredients from your pantry, you can create safe and effective cleaners that are inexpensive and avoid harsh chemicals, artificial additives and petroleum products. Each participant in the workshop will take home numerous recipes, hand sanitizer, a basic kitchen and bathroom cleaning mixture and wood furniture and floor cleaner/polish!

The $15 Registration includes all materials, including cleaners to take home.  Click here to register for Homemade Green Cleaners .

Check out our   Events Calendar   to learn more about upcoming green events in your community! Click   here  to submit your organization's green event.
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