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  • NEW PACKAGING! 1 FL oz / .30 ml  Emulsion in a jar with spatula included.
  • Micro-moisturizer / Rapid re hydration
  • Anti-scar with regenerative aloe and avacado butters
  • Vitamin C & E, omega 3, 6, 9 ~ antioxidant rich
  • Botanicals: mango butter, avocado butter, aloe butter, EGCG / botanical infused jojoba oil, castor oil, vitamin E
  • Essential Oils: rose damask, bitter orange, tarragon, bergamot BF, plai, holy basil, saffron
  • Prevent split ends on hair
  • 100% Natural and Organic, Vegan

Target Scars, Acne, Age Spots, Large Pores and Stretch Marks for a smoother, more even complexion

Dream Cream helps synthesize Vitamin A and works in conjunction with Tangerine Dream. Applying vitamins topically delivers maximum anti-aging benefits ~ from improving texture and tone to fading under-eye circles.

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