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There's been a lot of talk on the site in recent months about the integrity of purchasing music versus getting it for free. The main argument is generally that folks want to support artists and brick-and-mortar record stores. But, with so many record stores chalking their profits up to the buying and selling of used CDs - which, when you purchase them, no money goes back to the artist - what's the difference between purchasing something used and getting it for free online? It's a fair question, posed by Easy Ed. Chime into his forum, or simply keep reading for some highlights from the past week. 


(By the way, there's still a few days to enter the Johnny Cash contest. Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to win that great package of CDs and a concert DVD.)

Getting to know Drew Kennedy

by Mando Lines

Drew Kennedy hails from New Braunfels, Texas.  This bearded, bespectacled singer songwriter is friendly, witty and extremely talented.  We renewed our acquaintance at this year's Telluride Bluegrass Festival, where he was chosen as a finalist in their Telluride Troubadour Contest (he finished second out of 445 entries). Kennedy and I first met at a house concert in Mississippi a couple years ago.  Actually, it was an outside-the-house concert.  On a cold evening, he and Josh Grider... More

Catie Curtis, Mary Gauthier & a 50-concert weekend

by  Kim Ruehl


It hasn't been easy getting Mary Gauthier on the phone. It's been a few days of trying to connect when a call finally goes through. Even then, the connection is not fantastic. I'm on the road in the rain. My voice recorder won't work. But what's happening is well worth discussing. In roughly six weeks - Oct. 1, to be exact - Gauthier will join Catie Curtis and... More

Inside the Songs: Creative Writing with Jeffrey Martin

by Hearth Music


As a music writer, I get a fair amount of album submissions from hopeful musicians. I listen to them all, or as many as I can, but honestly these days most of my musical finds come from my own research or from friends. That said, every now and then and album comes completely out of the blue to blow me away. Jeffrey Martin's Gold in the Water is a perfect ... More

The night I met the Byrds and the Burrito Bros. band

by Tim M. Otto


I seem to gravitate back to the 80's a-lot for comfort because that was a great time for me. I was in a popular local band here in Portland, Oregon called The Surf Cowboys (USA) and I was only in my 20's. I also had a great girlfriend named Jackie that it seemed everybody including me loved. For some of us, the 1980's was an innocent time. It wasn't... More

JP Harris & the Tough Choices - 'I'll Keep Calling'

by Ben Bonin


You wouldn't know it from tuning in the radio dial, but country music is alive and well. Quite well in fact, if the debut Cow Island Music release from J.P. Harris and the Tough Choices is any indication. I actually did a double take when I read "debut album" in the press sheet that came with I'll Keep Calling. What I heard coming from the speakers was the kind of... More

From the Archives 

Vic Chesnutt - Little big man

by William Bowers


In a closer-to-perfect world, Vic Chesnutt would be played on the radio, and it would happen not because of committee calculations but as a result of free-willed DJ across the country independently choosing to air his finicky, endearing art-folk. In a closer-to-perfect world, a majority of American radio stations wouldn't be disinformative monstrosities controlled by a corrupt, agenda-fied company whose vice chairman bought the Texas Rangers from a certain future president... More

Some of Our Favorites 

Video of Hurray for the Riff Raff - "What's Wrong with Me"
Review of Jerry Douglas - 'Traveler'
Hearth Music interview with Chance McCoy of Old Crow Medicine Show
Video of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band with the Roots

Interview with Corb Lund 

The Damn Choir - You're my secret called fire

Video of Bonnie Raitt - "Louise"

Freight Train Boogie Podcast with Shovels & Rope, Zoe Muth, more

Video of Arlo Guthrie - "Union Maid"

Interview with Kathleen Edwards, Part II

Review of Tim "Too Slim" Langford - 'Broken Halo'

Video of Jake Shimabukuro - "Crazy Jean"

Scott MacLeod - 'Right As Rain' review

Tom House - Someone digging in the underground

Video of the Nashville Teens - "Tobacco Road"

Review of the Mighty Shamrocks - 'Paddy'

Americana Boogie new releases: Los Straightjackets, the Trishas, more

Video of Tom Waits - "Chicago"

Americana Music Show with Jason Heath & the Greedy Souls   

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Kevin Bowe

Review of Blackberry Smoke - 'The Whipporwill'

by Twang Nation


My first encounter with Atlanta's Blackberry Smoke - Charlie Starr on Lead Vocals, Guitar, Richard Turner on Bass, Vocals, Brit Turner on Drums, Paul Jackson on Guitar, Vocals and Brandon Still on Keyboards - was seeing them open two shows for ZZ Top at the Beacon theater. The neo-Grecian Beacon was originally a deluxe movie place... More

Down Home in

New York With Ollabelle

by Joanna Colangelo


I've often heard of New York City referred to as America's largest small town. It's that strange interconnectedness that happens to people in a city of eight million -- it's the not-so-rare moments of serendipity when you bump into a friend on the street who you haven't seen in years. And, like all small towns, summers in New York City give musicians their respective.... More

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