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RED ALERT: DRINKING MiO Liquid Water Enhancer is the same as drinking anti-freeze!

I was shocked yesterday when I was grocery shopping.  I always wanted to know what ingredients were used in MiO.

I grabbed one off the shelf, read the label, and found out...

The active ingredient is PROPYLENE GLYCOL...same ingredient you will find in anti-freeze!


Are you kidding me? I also found sucralose and a variety of other toxic artificial sweetners aka chemicals.

You will also be shocked to know Propylene Glycol is used in many of the foods and products you consume and use daily. So I did some research for you and this is what I found from Natural

"(NaturalNews) Mention Propylene Glycol (PG) to most people and they will probably tell you that it is a toxin. On the other hand, PG comes in more than one formulation, so it needs to be clarified as to which formulation is meant.

The real question is, does it make a difference which one is used, since it is used in everything from hydraulic and brake fluid to snack foods?

The answer is: it does and it doesn't. It is a toxin regardless of which strength is used. Propylene Glycol is a form of mineral oil, an alcohol produced by fermentation of yeast and carbohydrates. This gives it the designation of carbohydrate when used in foods.

Because it comes in several grades, PG has been used for a variety of uses. Industrial grade PG is used as an active ingredient in engine coolants and antifreeze; airplane de-icers; polyurethane cushions; paints, enamels and varnishes; and in many products as a solvent or surfactant. In all fairness, it should be stated that PG was only added to anti-freeze to replace Ethylene Glycol. It had been a problem because dogs often lap up puddles of anti-freeze.

The form most pertinent to this article is the pharmaceutical grade. This is a much less concentrated form of PG and therefore less problematic. That being stated, it is also the controversial form due to its use in products that are either ingested or enter the body through application to the skin. It is commonly used as a solvent in oral, topical and injectable drug products as well as in foods."

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So my take is MiO is a TOXIN!!! If you want to flavor your water then use lime, lemon, mint leaves, spearmint, and peppermint.

I am looking out for you!

To Your Health!

Luke Fichtner, owner
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