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We talk a lot about urbanism and how cities are a greener way to live, but with all the stress and pollution in big cities like New York, it is surprising to learn that people actually live longer; evidently they smoke less and walk more, making a big difference.    
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They smoke less and walk more. New Yorkers Now Outlive Most Americans by 2.4 Years 


Sophisticated tools in the wars against whaling. Activists Launch Drones to Battle Japanese Whalers 

 FDA Backtracks On Anti-Antibiotics Pledge - All While Public Is Distracted By Holidays 

As dirty as five million cars.   Cruise Ship Lines Win 2011 "Dino of the Year" Anti-environmental Prize
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They are secure and just get dropped in. Shipping Containers Become Solar-Powered Internet Hubs in Rural Africa 

Slideshow: it's a slideshow of slideshows.  10 Most Popular Slideshows of 2011
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unexpected events of large magnitude and consequence.  Black Swan Landing In The American Consciousness
Parentables: More champagne, please.   3 Simple Steps to a Fresh Start in 2012
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