A NOTE FROM RICHARD BARTLETT, founder of Matrix Energetics

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, December 21, 2012 didn't signal the end of days.  Rather, it  signified new beginnings. What has happened in my personal work and in the Matrix EnergRichard Bartlett 2010etics Universe since the beginning of 2013 is stunning!


With new beginnings in mind, I am excited to announce a brand new initiative in the spirit of a dawning new reality in 2013. It is ripe with portals opening to greater possibilities and a renewed sense of purpose.



Recently I was given a directive by my guides to establish the Matrix Energetics Miracle Alliance, or MEMA. The MEMA will be open to anyone, anywhere who wishes to participate in this momentous opportunity and its implementation is both very simple and simply profound: For one minute, twice a day, drop down into the field of the heart and send out pure streams of love and appreciation. In doing this we will build a deeper and greater rapport with the universal consciousness of miraculous potential and with personal as well as global transformation. 


In the past, I have stated that the field does not recognize you as separate from itself. As my guides have told me "There is no you, there is no other, there is only God (the Field I call Father)." The closer you draw in consciousness to this "undivided wholeness" (a phrase used by physicist David Bohm), the more it will recognize you as itself. I hope that you will join Melissa and me by committing to doing this twice a day for just one minute.  You will gain instant access to and build rapport with the Morphic Field of Matrix Energetics. Perhaps we will all look back later this year and say that this was when our personal and collective transformation began!


We hope to see you at an upcoming seminar. Don't forget-pre-registration for Fort Lauderdale Level 1 & 2 and Level 3 ends this Friday, the 22nd, at midnight Pacific Time. See you there!


Richard Bartlett  & Melissa Joy
Melissa Joy on finding your inner voice through the field of the heart

The field of the heart provides us with direct access to our inner voice, inner wisdom and inner chamber of limitless potential along with creating a connection with universal consciousness. There are no limitations when accessing the field of the heart and similarly, there are no limitations to the infinite methods of noticing, listening, and speaking from the field of the heart.


When your attention takes you to a particular space or place within an individual's field, you are not just interacting with that space or place. You are interacting with information. Everything in the universe is light, information, and resonance. When you observe a particular space or place, you create resonance with that information. It is the very act of observing information that provides the vehicle for transformation to occur.


That is why things appear to change when you observe a particular space or  place. You aren't really doing anything other than observing fields of information. However, the act of observing entangles the observer with the observed and this facilitates a different resonance with or expression of the information. Fields of information nestle within what is referred to by physicists as torsion fields. Torsion fields are everywhere in universal consciousness.


The field of the heart is a torsion field. It looks like a doughnut comprised of two counter-rotating fields, with the inner torsion spinning in one direction and the outer torsion spinning in the opposite direction.  Within these torsion fields, there is a vortex. Within the vortex, information couples with the torsion fields.  This creates a certain amount of both inertia and momentum simultaneously, which helps the information pop through the vacuum as form, action and experience. In-form-ation as possibility creates experience directly from the field of the heart.


The torsion field of the heart is the very first thing that forms, even before the physical heart comes into manifestation, and everything emanates from that state of pure torsion. When you access the field of the heart, you access pure potentiality before that potentiality separates out from itself as experience.


The reason we drop down into the field of the heart is that it allows us to access that state of pure potentiality or neutrality. From the field of the heart we can access pure, undifferentiated states of information and energy potential before the information separates out as form, action or experience. The heart field is the gateway to the all that is and the all that is yet to be experienced.


When you drop down into the field of the heart, you don't really feel, notice, or think anything related to that experience because it's not experience yet. It's just pure potentiality. Everything that we do in Matrix Energetics, we do from this pure potentiality and neutrality that is the field of the heart. From the field of the heart we have the access that allows transformation to occur because we are actually going back to before the collapse of the wave function.


We create resonance with a pattern before that pattern has been separated, identified and named as a particular experience. So when we work with a shoulder, it's not a shoulder, because a shoulder is something that has been separated out from the whole, identified and named as a shoulder. In the naming of this pattern there are corresponding references that limit what is possible for that shoulder because of all the thoughts and beliefs that accompany the world of shoulders as shoulder-dom. There is too much should in shoulders.  We are seeking options.


We don't label it. We don't name it. It is just a pattern. The pattern becomes pure potentiality and in that state there exist equally weighted possibilities. This facilitates the probability of transformation into actuality.


Some suggestions from Melissa Joy for dropping into the heart:

  1. Breathe in. On exhale, simply relax your physiology: Drop your shoulders and allow your awareness to relax into the center of your being or physical body. Notice the calmness and stillness and absence of thought. From this space, notice what you notice. What information begins to well up from your inner being?
  2. Ask an open-ended question, like "What would I notice if I were to allow my awareness to move back into the heart-field?" or "Where am I in relation to the field of my heart?" Follow that awareness and connect to it.  From this space, notice what you notice.
  3. Consider that the field of the heart is what you are. The electromagnetic field of the heart is the first thing that pops through the vacuum, even before the physical heart forms. Therefore, you are always in your heart. It is awareness and thoughts that move us out of resonance with being in the heart space.
  4. Elevator (e-love-ator): Observe an elevator in your head. See a miniature version of yourself stepping into the elevator and allow for the doors to close. Press the down button. Follow your awareness as the elevator descends out of your head, down through your throat and even further down into your chest cavity. Allow for the elevator doors to open. Notice what you notice when you step into that space of no space and no place.
  5. Take a moment to feel into someone or something that you love unconditionally. Feel that connection. Notice the feeling and allow for that feeling to move through your entire body. Invite that feeling to center in the torsion field of your heart and then ask it to speak to you.
  6. Through the recognition that the field of the heart is connected to everything, notice in your awareness how you are not separate as a separate body or being. See yourself as an effervescent Vitamin C tablet. Drop yourself through awareness as a vitamin C tablet into a glass of water and feel within yourself as your sense of separation dissolves. Notice that you feel a sense of dropping in and expanding out simultaneously. There is no separation between you and everything else. You are present in the here and now and also present everywhere. Ask your heart what it would tell you if you were to begin to listen to it now.
  7. Get silly! See a waterslide from your head to your heart with a pool in the field of the heart. Energetically pop your eyeballs out of your head, drop them onto the slide and let them drop into the pool with a big splash. As your eyeballs resurface, notice your attention from the field of the heart.
  8. Notice the constant flow of thoughts in your brain or awareness without attachment. The more we have thoughts the less likely we are able to listen to our heart. See your thoughts as clouds floating by. Do not attach to them. Observe them neutrally with a sense of curiosity and no judgment. Observing thoughts and experiences without judgment keeps us in a state of heart-centered awareness.
  9. Pay attention to genuine desires. Desires well up from the field of the heart and are cues or placeholders for our awareness to get our attention. Desires ARE the language of our heart speaking to us. When we listen, we move into a flow where desires become manifestations and experiences.
  10. Trust yourself. One way to begin noticing, speaking and listening from the heart is to start by trusting in yourself. The more you develop a sense of trust in yourself, the more the heart becomes the leading navigator in consciousness. The intellect will follow the heart-s intelligence the more you resonate in trust.
  11. Let go of all sense of not being in your heart. The thought of a problem can become the problem. Ask yourself "If I knew what I might notice were I to listen to my heart, regardless of what anyone else might suggest, what methods of dropping into my heart might I discover?"
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Since 2006 I have not seen private clients because my time and energy have been exclusively focused on writing about and teaching Matrix Energetics with Melissa throughout the world. Many of the skills I teach in the seminars were personally honed in the course of my 15 plus years of private practice, and I have really missed the joy of private practice and one-on-one interaction.


On a very limited basis, I will now be offering Matrix Energetics sessions. These sessions will be largely done at a distance through Skype. In addition, I will also offer a very limited number of appointments in person at my office in Lynnwood, Washington (near Seattle). Both distance and in person sessions will be on a first-come basis and subject to individual agreement and approval. I cannot promise specific results and I am not claiming to perform healings or cures. However, if something that looks like a miracle or a healing occurs, you may call it whatever you wish!


Melissa also continues to offer private distance sessions via phone and Skype for clients around the world. Visit the website for contact information for Melissa or myself.


A Matrix Energetics session with Melissa or me is not necessary to achieve wondrous results. There are many powerful Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioners throughout the world who can work with your individual needs and concerns. Each Certified Practitioner listed on the Matrix Energetics website is personally trained and certified by Melissa and me. Visit the website to find a Certified Practitioner that resonates best with you!  

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