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Weekly Update: February 9, 2017
C2B1 Plan Approved

On January 20th, Bishop Paul Sirba announced his acceptance of the Called To Be One recommended plan and stated that the implementation of the plan would proceed "as soon as possible".  With this approval, our new school will embrace a new mission and vision focused on the growth of each student through the Formation Model of Education. 
New Board Members Announced

Bishop Sirba highlighted immediate first steps to include a search for a president and governing board for the new school.  Today, we are pleased to announce members that have accepted Bishop's invitation to serve on the governing board:
Bob Lisi, Chair
Fr. James Bissonette
Fr. Richard Kunst
Fr. Ryan Moravitz
Fr. Peter Muhich
Sr. Edith Bogue
Paul Fitzgerald
Hilaire Hauer
Mary Lou Jennings
Karen Newstrom
Steve Olson
Laura Schauer
Cynthia Zook, ex officio

Transition Team Implementing Action Plan

To assist the board during this time of formation, a transition team has been established to review the action plan and support a final decision on the  implementation timeline.  The transition team and board members are also actively working on the following items:     
  • Unifying operations:  Conducting site visits to make a decision on middle school configuration and determine the best way to transition to new sites.  Determining a clear and simple tuition model.  Developing a registration form and process to be made available following the determination of configuration and transition timeline.
  • Teacher placement:  Supporting the process for teaching staff placement beginning with distributing the annual staff interest survey. 
  • School President search:  Supporting the search for the new school president by preparing the job description and posting.
  • Communication:  Providing a weekly email communication from Duluth Catholic School with updates from the transition team and board that will continue through the end of the school year.  This format will update all school families consistently as well as inform other community members interested in hearing about our progress.
  • Community building:  Developing opportunities for the four school communities to meet each other and grow as one new school community.
  • Naming the school:  Preparing to receive community input on possible names for the new school that can be presented to the board for selection by the beginning of April. 
  • High school:  Forming a high school task force that will shepherd the new high school program forward.
Future updates will continue to clarify these ongoing efforts and outline additional steps supporting our new school. 

In Christ, 

Bob Lisi, Chair

Thank you for supporting Duluth Catholic School.