Dyson Top 10 Picks of the Week
Learn how to create the perfect resumé with all of your college achievements. Career Services will teach you to sell your brand and land interviews with ease!
In conjunction with the exhibit Harry Potter's World, join Edna Lief for a chat about Merlins and Mythology as well as James Eyring who will be accompanied by his owl Oscar!
The Choate house faculty art exhibition has been open since September 12th, join the reception and meet the faculty exhibiting their work!
Support your extremely distinguished NYC art faculty this week at the Fingesten Gallery where all of their artwork will be displayed!
Make sure to schedule one of these CCAR events this week: "Take ACTION!" on an issue that's important to you and a book sale benefit for disadvantaged children!
Get ready to print out several copies of your resumé, the fall career fair is this week! Take this opportunity to get internships and spread your name!
If you're thinking about dropping a class, the last day to do so without penalty is 9/18. All classes dropped after then will receive a "W".
Did you know that only .007% of the earth's water is readily accessible to drink? Learn what you can do to preserve fresh water. Get involved in Pace University's Water Awareness Campaign.
Have an exciting achievement you're proud of? Want everyone to know about it? Let us know and you could be spotlighted on the Dyson homepage!
Come see the electrifying 12-piece Gypsy brass orchestra, Fanfare Ciočarli, return to NYC after 10 years! Their music has been sampled and covered as well as emulated by countless DJs, bands and Gypsy orchestras. You don't want to miss it!
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