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Wednesday, December 6, 2017
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Ann McElhinney Breakfast Speaker
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Gosnell: The Untold Story
Pro-Life Breakfast tickets and March for Life Bus Trip reservations are on sale now.

Get your bus seat(s) by December 18, and People for Life will contribute $5 toward your payment.

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PA House to vote on dismemberment abortion  

Twins at Five Months
The Health Committee of the Pennsylvania state House of Representatives approved S.B.3 (Senate Bill 3) on Monday, clearing the legislation for a final vote by the full House of Representatives. That vote is expected next week.

S.B. 3 lowers the maximum age for abortions in Pennsylvania from six moths to five months and prohibits the particularly gruesome dismemberment abortion procedure.

The Health Committee voted 16-10 along straight party-lines with one Democrat, District 2 Representative Flo Fabrizio of Erie, abstaining. Rep. Fabrizio is the minority chairman of the Health Committee.

The state Senate already approved S.B.3 by a vote of 32-18 last spring.

Now is the time for phone calls and e-mails to your state representative.

Erie area residents can quickly find complete contact information for their state representative here:

If you live in another part of Pennsylvania, or if you are not sure which state House district you are residing in, use this link:
Simply tell your representative to VOTE YES on S.B. 3, "the pro-life bill."

Always provide your name, address, and phone number when leaving a message for any legislator and say that you would appreciate a written response explaining the legislator's position. This will help ensure that your comments are duly noted and tallied to help the legislator gauge public opinion on the particular issue or piece of legislation.

Thank you!