E-Mail Update
March 10, 2017

Don't forget,"Spring ahead" one hour this Saturday night. And have a great weekend!
Thank you, pro-life Erie and NW Pennsylvania!
...for saying NO to Planned Parenthood's rally for Dismemberment Abortion

This past Monday
we sent out several pleas for Erie-area residents to face off against  Planned Parenthood and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, who were planning to rally in support of DISMEMBERMENT ABORTION in Perry Square on Wednesday. The response from our pro-life friends was amazing!

The vast majority of our pro-life contacts have difficulty getting to ad hoc pro-life events on weekdays because of work, school, and family commitments. Nevertheless, we were hoping that our numbers would compare well with the number of people who would attend the pro-abortion rally. Lo and behold, 75 of us gathered on very short notice -- in a driving wind, no less -- at Perry Square to SHOW that we reject Planned Parenthood's extremist, anti-life agenda. (As we all know, actions do speak louder than words alone.)

We thought it would be great to match the pro-abortion people person for person. As it turned out, there were probably two of us for every one of them!

 Click here to see more some of our pictures.

People for Life thanks everyone who took the time from their busy schedules to be witnesses for life, love, and truth!

Our effort received ample news coverage, showing proof-positive that Planned Parenthood is not fooling everyone with its relentless campaigns of lies, distortions, and fear tactics.

Our demonstration should leave no doubt that the residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are SERIOUS about the current effort to put an end to Dismemberment Abortion (aka, Dilation and Evacuation) and to protect more babies who are mature enough to feel pain, hear their mother's voice, and have surgery and other medical procedures in the womb.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives will soon debate and vote YES or NO on Dismemberment Abortion and whether to lower the age when a baby can be aborted, for any reason or no particular reason, from six months to five months.

PLEASE, contact your state representative and urge him or her to support this modest, common sense pro-life legislative effort, to save lives and to help guide our state toward a place where all human lives are valued and protected and no human lives are classified as disposable.

If you have already contacted your state representative, please do it again. Do make the contact, even if you know that he or she always votes pro-life. Our pro-life legislators will be under a lot of pressure from Planned Parenthood and the other abortion-lobbying groups. They need your encouragement. It also helps if they can tell their colleagues about the strong support they are getting from their constituents.

Northwestern Pennsylvania residents, find your state representative here. Other Pennsylvania residents, click here.

There is a brief video on the front page of that explains Dismemberment Abortion. Please view the video and encourage others to to do the same. 

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