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October 31, 2016

Creative Edge Master Shop fabricated an  exceptional   feature  for this  extraordinary marble  shrine. The Sufism Reoriented Group's twenty-five foot symbolic emblem is rendered in marble, gold, brass, and bronze. It adorns the main prayer hall.


                    An Exceptional Stone Structure

Murshida Conner, the spiritual leader of Sufism Reoriented, had a clear vision of the sacred design which would express the spiritual tenets of Sufism Reoriented to be materialized in its new home for worship. She chose Alan Ritchie, a long - time architectural partner of the renowned architect, Philip Johnson, to design the building working off conceptual drawings provided by Murshida Conner and detailed conversations about the goal to be achieved and the space requirements. His design perfectly realized Murshida Conner's vision. Sufism Reoriented planned for over 50 years for this ultimate home for their members and its spiritual mission. Designed to endure for over 700 years, the building is innovative in many ways, from its curved marble cladding from Carrera, Italy, to its climate control with state-of-art air filtering systems, to its green roof composition with recycled glass gravel from Germany, to its storm water management with rain harvesting features, to its 33 feet tall hollow bronze sculpture with seismic base isolators and acrylic butterflies, standing inside of a 3-story tall room with curved glass guardrails.

The 66,500 square foot Sanctuary is circular in nature and includes 8 domes, lighting with large skylights and orientation on an east - west axis with a magnificent view centered on the East Bay's Mount Diablo.

The Sanctuary is a showcase of Carrara Marble from Italy's Carrara region. Bianco Carrara was supplied by the Santucci Group (MIA - BSI Member) for interior and exterior installations. They provided the raw stone from 'Bacino di Colonnata - Canaloni - Venedreta, Carrara, Italy, Quarry 121. The Santucci Group carefully fabricated 2,800 exterior segments, all of which are 2 inches or more thick, with honed finishes and with stainless steel attachments for the cladding. The 2,285 exterior cladding pieces were curved inside and out. The 1,000 pieces of interior stone primarily comprised the horizontal surfaces of the Sanctuary's Prayer Hall, the center of the Sanctuary and worship for Sufism Reoriented.

Cleveland Marble of Cleveland Ohio (MIA-BSI Member) Installed interior and exterior marble material.

The center of the Sanctuary features a 25-foot symbolic emblem. Made by Creative Edge Master Shop (MIA - BSI Member) from marble, brass, bronze and gold infused ceramic tile, the inlaid feature expresses the group's spiritual ideals and shows symbols for religions worldwide. Made in 50 segments in Creative Edge Master Shop's facility in Fairfield Iowa, the marble/metal work was transported to Walnut Creek and then installed by Cleveland Marble.

Founded in 1988, Creative Edge is the oldest and most experienced waterjet fabricator in the US. They are known worldwide for creating award-winning waterjet-fabricated marble, stone and granite floors in luxury residences, five-store hotels, and prominent public venues. Some of their recent projects include the massive lobby of the Pittsburgh International Airport Airside Terminal, the historic "Spotlight on Broadway" pavement mosaic on Time's Square, and the dramatic Renaissance Putuo hotel lobby in Shanghai.
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Jim Belilove, President
Creative Edge Master Shop

Jim Belilove