E-News from Creative Edge Master Shop
June 13, 2016

Creative Edge Master Shop  encourages, and facilitates the work of public artists.  We make their visions into durable lasting installations. 

Since 1988, Creative Edge has fabricated hundreds of public art projects.

Inspired Art Requires Inspired Fabrication

Public art enhances, celebrates and defines the public spaces of our cities and our lives! The public artist is a vital creative force of culture. The American style of public competition for commissions encourages the bold, controversial, fun, whimsy, traditional, as well as new technology and futuristic impulses. Public art is an expressive field that the public loves and appreciates.

We give artists new options through waterjet technology. We enable new expression in materials from granite to plastic. We make possible new material combinations as well as novel shapes, formations and effects.

In our quest for practicality, we do not compromise the artist's vision.

Please enjoy this gallery of some of the artists we have worked with over the years. Click the new section of our website "We Work With Artists" where Creative Edge Master Shop showcases collaborative projects and links you to each artist's complete portfolio.

Artist Alice Taylor
"Otter" Pacific Coast Highway Vista Point, Santa Barbara, CA

Artist Beatrice Coron
St.Teresa Public Library, San Jose, CA

Artist David Griggs
Denver International Airport, Denver, CO

Artist Clayton Merrell
Pittsburgh International Airport, Pittsburgh, PA

Please browse through our  new website and We Work With Artists page. Join us through the social media buttons below to view our latest 
luxury stone, granite, marble, terrazzo, and resilient installations. 

Our ways to create and connect are better than ever as we continue to articulate and enhance the artistry of architectural waterjet.

Jim Belilove, President
Creative Edge Master Shop