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May 18, 2017   Emmanuel's E-News
Greetings from
Emmanuel Episcopal Church!

This Sunday is Rogation Sunday, the Sixth Sunday of Easter.
Rev. Ellen will celebrate and preach.

We look forward to seeing you in church! 

The Great 50 Days of Easter

Easter is not a day ... it is a whole season of the Church year! We celebrate the Great 50 Days of Easter as we remember the post-resurrection appearances of Christ to his disciples. The Easter season ends on the Day of Pentecost which marks the birth of the Church. 

The sixth Sunday of Easter is also known as Rogation Sunday. The word rogation comes from the Latin word rogare meaning "to ask." It is the day we ask God's blessings upon the soil, seeds and water which will bring forth the crops we eat. In England, some Anglican Churches observe the tradition of "beating the bounds" of the parish on Rogation Sunday. This practice predates modern maps and hearkens to a time when parish boundaries were marked by stones, fences, trees and other features of the landscape. By walking the boundaries of the parish, the members of the church could check to for encroachments onto parish lands and renegotiate appropriate boundaries. The Rogation Days are the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday leading up to Ascension Day - this is known as Rogationtide

Ascension Day is observed 40 days after Easter and thus always falls on a Thursday. Ascension Day this year is May 25, 2017.
Adapted from http://gracebrunswick.org

BellaEmmanuel Episcopal Church presents: Bella Voce
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Please sign up for Coffee Hour Over the Summer! 

Over the summer we are asking 8amers and 10amers to host a coffee hour after your preferred service.  Actually it's more refreshments than coffee. 
During the summer it's customary to just have lemonade and some goodies after the service. 
If you are willing to host please sign up on Sunday!

On June 4th, we will be celebrating the 10:00 AM "Mass in the Grass" with a blue grass band followed by a Pentecost Picnic. We will be providing the hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, lemonade, water and a Bounce House.
Please click on the graphic to let us know how many will be attending, what you will be bringing and if you can help.

George and Annie Christian
Memorial Scholarship Fund 

As you may know, Emmanuel makes at least one award to a graduating senior member of our church through The George and Annie Christian Memorial Scholarship fund. This fund was established in 1972 by Evelyn and Kickhapo Johnson in memory of her parents. Evelyn's father was a longtime warden of this church. The scholarships are funded by dividends of Consolidated Edison stock.
Consideration is given to the candidate's academic performance and to their service to our Emmanuel family. 
Please click on the mortar board to view past scholarship recipients.  
garageEmmanuel Garage Sale

The Emmanuel garage sale is planned for Friday, August 25th Garage Sale and Saturday, August 26th.  We will begin accepting donations the week after Memorial Day. This year, we'd like toys, games, and any type of sports-related items to be left in the nursery and other items put in Memorial Hall.  We will be doing the general pre-sale staging in Memorial Hall.
We are looking forward to another successful sale this year, so please start saving items that you think will sell well. If you need help bringing large items or other donations to the church, please contact Penny Longo at (708) 275-5028 to arrange a pick up.
As in the past, no exercise equipment, clothing or electronics.  Thanks in advance for your donations!
Join Us for Morning Prayer

Contemplation & Meditation
Short Takes Short Takes logo

Send us your news!  We would like to celebrate your and your family's achievements.  Did your child get into the college he/she wanted?  Did they make the honor roll?  Are they performing in a concert or play?  How about a work promotion or achievement for you or your spouse?   Let us know so your church family can celebrate with you.
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Shop Here for Emmanuel Wear
Polo shirts, hoodies, and vests are amongst the items that can be emblazoned with the Emmanuel Episcopal Logo. All sizes available to order, in red or blue.

Order forms can be found in the church hallway or click on the Emmanuel logo. 
Need more information?  See or email Dorren Gertsen-Briand. 

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Bishop Lee Reports 
from the Holy Land 

An interview with Fred Schlomka of Green Olive Collective

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Emmanuel Episcopal Church presents: Bella Voce
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