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DJF Foundation Develops Groundbreaking Transportation Guide!
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The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation spearheaded the development and creation of GET Going! partnering with Easter Seals Project Action, Easter Seals and Feeley Consulting.
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HAPPY 2013 and welcome to the first edition of the new year of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation's E-News to be RED.  Last year was a busy and productive year for the only all volunteer-run national Autism organization focused exclusively on the diverse population of adults living with Autism. As 2013 begins,we are poised to lead the Autism community in the area of adult programs and services as we have for over a decade. We are working on several exciting endeavors that encompass a wide array of un-addressed needs of adults on the spectrum all of which are inspired by people living with Autism!  One such project involves helping adults navigate the challenges associated with using public transportation independently. Another program is the development and creation of the first dating website for adults, with safety as a priority.  Yet another of our cutting-edge programs is a collaborative project that helps empower Autistic leaders with insights and guidance in the form of a unique booklet/manual that is being piloted on college campuses. These and other Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation projects are leading the way for all adults living to with the challenges of Autism to have full and productive lives, as they contribute to and partake of community life. 
In addition to our Signature Programs, we are proud to have been asked to share our expertise in addressing the needs of adults living with Autism with national legislators and advocacy organizations as well as collaborators and audiences who are not yet but are wishing to serve the adult Autism community.  
We hope that the new year is filled with best of health, prosperity and the fulfillment of your personal and professional goals.  We look forward to serving all adults living with Autism and their families and your support of our volunteer-run organization will allow us to continue these efforts with innovative and groundbreaking endeavors.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

Linda Walder Fiddle was inspired by adult living with Autism to create a portable travel troubleshooting guide! 


The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is known as the national autism organization that develops, advocates for and funds innovative initiatives benefitting adults on the spectrum and recently partnered with Easter Seals Project Action, and Feeley Consulting to develop and create the publication of the GET Going Guide, (Guiding Everyday Travel), a free pocket-sized "travel trouble-shooting guide" for individuals living with Autism and other challenges.


"The 'GET Going project' was inspired by an adult who lives with Autism and who travels independently on buses and trains but finds it difficult to remember what to do when unexpected things happen in the course of travel," says Linda Walder Fiddle, Founder and Executive Director of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation (DJF).


Walder Fiddle spearheaded the project, harnessing the accessible transportation expertise of Easter Seals Project Action, as well as Cecilia Feeley who runs a transportation consulting firm.  Together they developed the user friendly GET Going! Guide for travelers living with Autism.


The purpose of the GET Going Guide is to provide an easy-to-use, portable tool for travelers who may become flustered or forget the travel training they received when something out of the ordinary occurs. It covers such topics as:


--What if you lose your fare?

--What if you miss your stop?

--What if you get lost?


Easter Seals Transportation Group produces practical resources that people with disabilities can use to identify, plan for, and access available transportation options in their communities. The GET Going! Guide was compiled from the concerns of adults and adolescents on the Autism spectrum who currently use, or would like to use, their local public bus, train or subway. 


Dr. Mary Leary, who leads Easter Seals' Project Action states, "Easter Seals is pleased to have added our knowledge of the needs of people with autism and our expertise on accessible transportation to that of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation to produce this new pocket guide, which will provide support to people with autism as they independently use public transportation to get to the places they want to go."   


According to transportation expert Cecilia Feeley,"The ability to travel independently allows one to take control of their lives and their choices.  Those who can't or don't drive can take public transit to meet their daily needs and maintain a high quality of life. However, using the local bus or train can be overwhelming, especially when something goes wrong. The GET Going Guide allows individuals to get quick answers to common problems that happen when riding the bus or train."


The GET Going Guide is now available nationally. Developed collaboratively, the process involved public transit service providers and operators, travel trainers, transit researchers and disability experts. The goal is to provide simple solutions to problems and avoid potential crisis situations while getting people back on their route and to their destinations safely.  To download or order a GET Going Guide, go The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation at OR Easter Seals Project Action at


DJF's STAY AT HOME RED BALL is poised to be the anti-social event of 2013! 
Stay at Home Red Ball

Coming in April 2013, the all new...ever spectacular,not be missed, ORIGINAL stay at home gala...The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation STAY AT HOME RED BALL!  The Fifth Annual non-event will feature our most incredible prize packages ever so please contact Pam at to receive your invitation. You won't want to miss out on the event that every couch potato has longed for!!!!

DJF Logo  There are many ways you can support The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation in 2013.  We are always looking for interns to help us with projects so college students and grad students please contact Pam at

In addition, there are many FREE ways to support our work and our website provides you with all the details:

Of course, we are sincerely grateful for your direct donation to our mission and we hope that in 2013 you will include The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation in your charitable giving.  It is notable that since we are an all-volunteer run organization, all donations go directly to support our efforts on behalf of adults living with Autism! Thank you in advance for your consideration!


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