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   Jewel Heart of Ann Arbor has selected The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan (EAG) to provide interior and exterior lighting improvements, which will help Jewel Heart be brighter, safer and more energy-efficient.
  EAG will be installing 7 new exterior induction lights, 120 interior LED lights and 12 LED exit signs.
  With these new lights, it is anticipated that Jewel Heart will reduce its energy consumption (for lighting) by more than 43 percent and save more than $1,200 a year. Jewel Heart also will receive a rebate from DTE Energy for installing these energy efficient lights.
  During the initial facility audit, EAG also discovered that Jewel Heart was paying monthly service fees for multiple gas and electric meters (a total of nine meters) as the facility originally housed multiple tenants.

  EAG recommended that Jewel Heart contact their utility providers and reduce the number of meters to just two. By doing so, Jewel Heart will save more than $1,500 a year in monthly service fees.
  Jewel Heart is dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan Buddhism and to bringing the practice of this tradition within the context of contemporary life to people.



  Staff from The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan has attended or will attend every October training session of the Lean & Green Michigan PACE Financing Contractor Training. 
  EAG is a strong supporter of PACE, for Property Assessed Clean Energy, an innovative way to upgrade your commercial or industrial facilities. The statewide training helps contractors learn now to:

- Eliminate up-front costs;

- Reduce energy consumption; and

- Create positive cash flow from day one.

  There is one more PACE Contrator training session scheduled, in Washtenaw County, for Thursday, Oct. 30 from 8 a.m. to noon at Washtenaw Community College. 

  Training sessions have already been held for contractors in Macomb, Ingham, Grand Traverse, Saginaw, Huron and Wayne counties. 

  Learn more about PACE at the Lean & Green Michigan website.



  The people at Energy Alliance Group of Michigan make sure they keep on top of incentives, rebates and other special programs offered by DTE and Consumers Energy. 
  Get in touch with us and we'll help you learn if you might qualify for these programs for 2015! Click here for contact information.

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EAG introduces TotalGrow lights to Pacific Ag summit

   As a result of the Energy Alliance Group's (EAG) participation in

EAG was pleased to present the TotalGrow lighting systems during the September Pacific Agriculture Innovation Summit and Conference in Honolulu.
the Pacific Agriculture Innovation Summit and Conference in Honolulu, HI this past September, EAG has two new opportunities for use of its TotalGrow lighting system.

 The TotalGrow lighting, combining extreme energy efficiency with advanced plant-enhancing light wavelengths, will be utilized by the University of Hawaii's Cooperative Extension Service in a research project, and by Mari's Gardens who will use it for developing a specialized aquaponics growing system. 

   Aquaponics is a process that integrates fresh-water fish farming through aquaculture while growing plants via hydroponics, using the same water.

   EAG's Founder Scott Ringlein attended and presented at the two-day conference, aimed at prospecting and promoting innovative agriculture and energy solutions for worldwide populations. 

   "There was quite a bit of interest in our TotalGrow lights and we were happy to introduce this technology at the summit. And it was really interesting for us to learn what's going on in the areas of agriculture and energy efficiencies at the global level," he said. Read more here.

Mari's Gardens in Hawaii is working with a Japanese company to produce aquaponics plant and fish growing systems in a standard shipping container.
Learn if you can save your company money on natural gas

  Memories of last year's frigid winter and its high energy bills could be your wake-up call to think about buying natural gas from an alternative natural gas supplier.

  The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan has experts ready to help you determine if this option will save you money on your natural gas bills. "We do all the legwork for our potential clients," says Jeff Eccleton, an independent agent for an alternative gas supplier company and an EAG partner.

  An alternative gas supplier, licensed by the state, is able to buy natural gas on the open market and "sell" it back to your current natural gas utility company, to be delivered to your business or home often at a lower price for you. Learn more now.

Are telecommunications expenses high?

 Think about what you pay for your personal telecommunications usage - cell phone, Internet, television, land lines etc.

   Now, consider business owners and managers doing that for hundreds of employees often working in multiple locations with multiple providers, contracts and ever-changing technology.

 For many companies, keeping up with telecommunications is a daunting and confusing task.

 But there's help. The Energy Alliance Group has partnered with CBI Telecommunications Consultants, a Michigan woman-owned company that has been helping companies with telecommunications management for more than 20 years. Learn more that this alliance partner here.


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