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Ringlein on EmeraldPlanet TV show

   Scott Ringlein, EAG CEO, and Steve Payer, program manager at The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan, traveled to Washington DC to appear on the May 31 broadcast of the EmeraldPlanet TV show focusing on the future of Detroit.

   EmeraldPlanet TV is produced by EmeraldPlanet International Foundation in its Washington DC studio, and programs are broadcast and distributed via public access Channel 10 TV in Fairfax, Virginia.

    Ringlein and Payer discussed EAG's unique holistic approach to commercial and industrial energy efficiency projects and explained the benefits of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing for comprehensive energy efficiency projects.

   The May 31 program featuring Ringlein has not yet posted to the EmeraldPlanet website, but is available for viewing on the EmeraldPlanet YouTube channel.

 The foundation seeks to identify 1,000 "best practices" as they pertain to the environment and the promotion of alternative energy sources.

Photo in studio prior to taping.
Dr. Samuel L. Hancock, left, and Scott Ringlein, center, prior to the May 31 EmeraldPlanet TV broadcast.


EAG joins state Chamber of Commerce
   The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan recently joined the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and has been asked to participate on an energy efficiency policy committee that will make recommendations to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.
  EAG also belongs to Detroit Regional Chamber, Livonia Chamber of Commerce, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Energy Efficiency Contractors' Association, West Michigan Sustainability Council, U.S. Green Building Council, Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, Energy Start and

Working on a small wind turbine.
Workers from Dynalectric Michigan prepare the turbine for installation at West Bloomfield High School.

Community Involvement is important!

   We believe it's important that The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan is involved in the communities it serves. 
This spring EAG helped sponsor an Earth Day celebration with Parjana Green, worked with West Bloomfield High School on the installation of an experimental wind turbine, and helped judge energy savings idea from Grand Valley State University and Traverse City West Middle School Energy Fair. Learn more here!

Recent EAG/Michigan blog postings
  Just in case you missed our blogs, here's a listing of  the most recent ones, written by Kerry Kilpatrick, EAG Corporate Social Media Director, who searches near and far to bring interesting and relevant information to his readers.
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Order EAG 'Ten Questions' Report
You may order a free electronic copy of The Energy Alliance Group's report, "Ten Questions to Ask BEFORE An Energy Efficiency Update."
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EAG is growing, adding projects and people!
From left, clockwise, Tom Gallagher, Curt Monhart, Scott Ringlein, Peter Vissar, Tim Gladiux, Craig Viges, Steve Payer and Kerry Kilpatrick at a recent EAG staff meeting.
   It's an exciting time for The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan as it continues to add new energy projects and people to complete these projects.

  Scott Ringlein, CEO and founder, reviewed a list on ongoing projects at a recent EAG staff meeting in Lansing.

   "As we continue to add projects, we're also adding staff to help complete this work. Sometimes people don't recognize that energy efficiency projects also generate jobs, within our company, but also within the finance community in addition to the general contractors who complete the energy efficiency installation, modification and/or renovation work. 

   "It feels really good to be part of this economic growth," Ringlein said.

   Click to read a brief synopsis of EAG's current projects, listed in alphabetical order.


PACE Web-Ex set for July 15!
   If you'd like to learn more about Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, be sure to register for the first EAG Webinar on the topic, July 15, from 2-3:30 p.m. 
   Scott Ringlein, CEO of EAG of North America (the parent company of EAG/Michigan), plans to give an overview of PACE to help people understand this innovative finance method. Business owners and managers, and energy contractors are encouraged to participate!
   Property Assessed Clean Energy ( PACE) offers long-term, fixed-rate financing solutions for energy and/or water efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. Savings generated from the projects MUST exceed the PACE loan repayments, generating immediate positive cash flow for property owners.
   The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan is a leader in clean energy  PACE project development and financing.

EAG donates 10 percent of 2014 profits to charity
Check passing photo
From left, Nancy Clay, Kerry Kilpatrick, Scott Ringlein, Curt Monhart and Jenny Jordan at Kids' Food Basket in Grand Rapids.

   The Energy Alliance Group of Michigan (EAG) had many great days in the last year, but April 28 ranks right near the top. That day, EAG leaders visited Kids' Food Basket in Grand Rapids and Cascades Humane Society in Jackson to donate 10 percent of 2014 EAG profits to those charitable organizations.

  Checks for $2,103 were delivered to each of the organizations, which graciously hosted tours for EAG's Scott Ringlein, CEO; Curt Monhart, vice-president of sales and marketing; Kerry Kilpatrick, social media director; and Nancy Clay, communications director.

   "When we formed our company in late 2012, we decided then that we wanted to donate 10 percent of our profits to charity. Each year members of the EAG team name his or her favorite charity, and this year we drew these two charities from those suggestions," Ringlein says. "This is just the right thing for us to do and we really enjoy helping and visiting these organizations."

    Read the rest of the story here!

Standing, Curt Monhart, Heather Leszczynski and Kerry Kilpatrick. Kneeling, Sue Chambers and Scott Ringlein are with the Cascades Humane Society's cold weather guest, Rock, a 17-year-old tortoise.
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