March 2018 Newsletter

Runner & Camry, our first March rabbits spayed

"A dog owns nothing, yet he is seldom dissatisfied."    ~Irish Proverb

In this issue:

- March Rabbit Spay Or Neuter Is 20% Off


- Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs In March


- Spring Pet Safety Tips


-  Celebrate National Puppy Day With Us On March 23rd!



March is an exciting month for rabbit owners!  Neutering or spaying your rabbit can prolong his or her life and health, and eliminate troublesome hormone-related behavior in both male and female rabbits.  We are one of very few animal hospitals in the area to offer rabbit surgery.  Our safe rabbit anesthetic protocol, combined with a vet who has years of experience performing rabbit surgeries, make us a wise choice.  As young as 5 months old, rabbits can breed, become pregnant, and have a litter, all within a 30-day time span!  This quickly leads to an abundance of baby bunnies, some of which end up as Easter pets for children.  When the novelty wears off, these young bunnies are often unloaded at animal shelters.  In light of this, we are offering 20% off rabbit spay or neuter packages during March.  Call us today to schedule a surgery for your rabbit. 

March is National Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs Month.  While a guinea pig can easily be purchased from your local pet store, you may not realize there are many homeless guinea pigs just waiting for a caring family at your local rescue group or shelter.  Please consider these critters first, when deciding to add a guinea pig to your home. 

Don't know much about guinea pigs?  Here's a helpful read with fascinating facts: 

We provide veterinary care for guinea pigs right here at EAH.  Dr. Skelley and staff are happy to help with all of your guinea pig's healthcare needs, including:
  • general health checkups
  • nail trims
  • dental procedures
  • diagnostic tests and treatments if your guinea pig becomes ill
  • medically necessary surgeries, including spay or neuter
  • care, diet, and training tips

MARCH 23rd!

National Puppy Day began in 2006, as a special day to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives. It's also a day to help save orphaned puppies across the globe through shelter and rescue adoption.  Read more about this special day by clicking the puppy to the right!

We love puppies here at EAH, so we'll be celebrating them on Friday, March 23rd.  Just bring your puppy (1 year or younger) by to visit us during normal business hours on March 23rd, and receive the following (no appointment or purchase required): 
  • free puppy goodie bag (treats & toy)
  • your puppy's picture taken for our Facebook page
  • lots of free hugs and kisses from our staff (for the puppies, of course!)