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MARCH 6, 2013
Some good news for those of you patiently waiting for models that were supposed to arrive from Spark in mid-February: 

Turns out FedEx took our Spark shipment on a two week 'Grand Tour' of the United States. They finally delivered (almost) everything at our front door late Friday, March 1. We've been packing and shipping ever since and should have everything on its way to you by the end of the day Thursday. 

We apologize for the delay. Pass the Tylenol.

Although several pieces were sold out by the time they arrived, there is still a great selection of new models available. The 1/43 Aussie Invader land speed record car in particular, is very impressive and at 14 inches, longer than most 1/18 scale models in stock!

Check the Recent Arrivals list on the front page of for details.

Our 1/43 scale clearance sale is still going on. Nearly 200 different models from Spark, TSM, Bizarre and Minichamps are featured. Click HERE for the list. 

Meanwhile, the 1/18 scale metallic orange McLaren MP4-12C arrived early from Minichamps. Very impressive. Opening doors, hood and boot and with excellent detail and finish.

Availability is limited. $249.00 plus shipping. Click HERE to order.

McLaren Mp4-12C MIN 1/18

Here are a couple of new books that arrived this week and a special offer on an old favorite:

RaceMan Cover
by Gordon Chance


Forewords by:

Peter Brock - Chuck Cantwell -   

Stuart Hilborn - Phil Remington - 

Stewart Van Dyne



A personal tribute to Jim Travers, told by a former employee and lifelong friend. 

Nicely illustrated. Hardbound. 188 pages.



$56.00 plus shipping. Click HERE to order!


Lost Drag Strips

by Tommy Lee Byrd
Foreword by Don Garlits

This book takes a look at many of the lost quarter-mile tracks across the country. Some of them are gone completely; paved over to make room for housing developments or strip malls. Others are ghostly remnants of what once was, offering a sad and even eerie subject for the photographer.
Lots of local flavor for those of us in the Chicago area with US 30 Dragstrip and Oswego Drag Raceway among those profiled. 
$29.95 plus shipping. Check out the full list of tracks and place your order HERE.

Inside IMSA's GTP Race Cars
 50% OFF !  
by J.A. Martin and Mike Fuller

A special purchase allows us to offer this excellent book on the bygone era of IMSA GTP Prototypes at 50% off its original cover price of $50.00

This was the first book to profile the amazing machines that resulted from the GTP's flat-out competition among different--and passionate--ideas about what might be the fastest way around a track: the V-12 with its better ground-effect tunnels but higher center of gravity (CG); the flat six with its low CG but severely-restricted ground-effect tunnels; and others that employed elaborate wings and air dams. Hardbound. 256 pages, 340 color & 112 b/w photos. 
A great deal for just $25.00!! ORDER HERE!

The popularity of larger scale models seems to be on the rise. Later this month, we expect delivery of a 1/12 scale Shelby Cobra 427 S/C in Guardsman Blue and competition trim from Kyosho. The #98 Cobra features full engine detail, opening doors, hood and boot, matt black side pipes, black headlight covers full race roll cage and Goodyear Eagles. 
$695.00 plus shipping. Reserve HERE.
1/12 Kyosho Cobra

Speaking of large scale models, next time we will be featuring two popular 1/8 scale models, available once again!

Go Hawks!

 - Paul

PS - The phone rings as we finish things up. Good news, the 2012 MotoGP Review DVD is being released earlier than expected. Reserve HERE. 206 minutes of action for just $29.99!