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You are Invited to USTA Player Development

Early Development Combine
June 5, 2016
5:15-7:00 pm
Program will be indoors if raining!
Montgomery TennisPlex

Looking Forward to Seeing You Today!

All Players' Parents must fill out the release below.

If you have friends you would like to bring today ask them to call our Plex Desk to register- 240-477-4430

Early Development Camps (EDCs)
All MAS EDC Combine details are here: 

Early Development Camps (EDCs) are an initiative developed by USTA National Coaches that focus on dedicated 7 to 9-year-old players. The goal is to bring together the top players in a local area for  intensive ½ day Orange Ball training sessions. EDC Orange Ball Camp themes are Expert Rallyer, Net Dominator and All-Court Player. Serve & return training are incorporated into all camps. For 2016 the USTA Mid-Atlantic Sections will also offer two EDC Green Ball Camps!
Orange ball tennis (including ball, racket and court size), fosters learning in young players that proportionately mimics larger/older players on a full-size court. Ball-bounce height, number of steps to reach a ball, depth of shots, and shot patterns all shadow a larger scale platform. This is one of the most critical stages of training and the Section encourages young players to train in the orange ball tennis for as long as possible. Several Mid-Atlantic Section coaches have been trained in the EDC Camp curriculums and are planning to host a series of camps in each region of the MAS. 

Players are primarily selected for EDC Camps through these 'Combine / Try-Outs', and some may also be selected from recommendations from coaches, results at orange-ball tournaments and finally, through rankings.

All Players who attend a Combine  and are  accepted into a MAS Early Development Camp will receive 10 Youth Progression Stars (Champs / Orange Level 1 ) 
Please contact Vicki Datlow with questions
Late Registrations- Register by calling our office 240-477-4430
We are able to accept credit cards.

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