2017 EGSA Technician of the Year (TOYA)

EGSA and Prime Power Services are proud to announce that Rick Rothfuss has been named the 2017 EGSA Technician of the Year Award (TOYA) winner. Rick, his wife and the President and Vice President of Prime Power Systems, Addie Mathes and Richard Knittel, were in attendance at the EGSA Fall Conference in Minneapolis to celebrate this industry accolade in its fourth year of being awarded.

Recognizing that generator technicians had no formal achievement recognition program until 2014, the EGSA Technician of the Year Award is our association's way of honoring and showcasing the on-site power industry's first responders and unsung heroes, who determinedly give their time and attention to the power generation systems and packaged engineered solutions around the globe.

Generator technicians are responsible for servicing, maintaining, selling parts and providing customer assurance. In our industry, technical knowledge is respected and expected, but the ability to think and act under pressure is what separates elite technicians from the shade tree mechanic. These pieces of equipment are sensitive and complex systems that require expertise to keep the power on! The systems a technician works on can sometimes be the difference between a life or death situation.

At our 2017 Fall Conference, EGSA
awarded our 2017 Technician of the Year.

Now we'd like to share a fun video on our winner, Rick Rothfuss of Prime Power Services! Take a look when you get a moment:

EGSA would also like to thank our sponsors, who graciously donated time, in-kind gifts, like the fabulous FLUKE Meter and financial support of this one-of-a-kind program for genset technicians!

We look forward to YOUR participation in our 2018 award! Contact EGSA staff for more details.

Warm Regards,
Jalane Kellough
EGSA Executive Director

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