2017 - 2022   Labour Market Information Study - Workforce in Motion is underway! 
The goal of the study is to provide industry with information on the most up to date issues and statistics impacting the electricity sector and the subsequent implications for the demand-supply gap.  The overall goal is to build a body of knowledge which will inform and improve the electricity industry's capability in workforce planning and regulatory filing; organizational business planning for both employers and educators; and, for strategic human resources' planning purposes. The newly collected data will also provide government stakeholders with validated data to assist in the development of policy at the municipal, provincial or federal level.

We Need to Hear from You! 
As part of this next iteration of LMI we are asking all industry stakeholders to complete a survey which is designed to collect information about the number of employees by occupation within their organizations, and areas of expected employment growth.  It will also explore key human resource issues such as expected future retirements, current vacancies, separation rate, recruitment plans and emerging technology trends impacting our sector and the occupations within.

The survey phase will begin in earnest in late October by our project consultants (R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. in partnership with the Centre For Spatial Economics) It is critical in an endeavour of this scale that we hear from as many stakeholders as poss ible to ensure their input is included and we provide credible and current data that reflects our industry's needs in relation to the workforce.

If you or your know of someone in your organization who should be on our outreach list we strongly encourage you to contact Julia Aitken, Project Manager at EHRC: aitken@electricityhr.ca

For more details on our LMI Program visithttp://electricityhr.ca/labour-market-intelligence/


EHRC would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members Bruce Power and the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO).   We appreciate your support in our shared  vision that a strong, competitive Canadian electricity economy is built on the strength of its people. 

To learn more about how your organization can be involved please visit our  Membership Page


5th Annual EHRC Awards of Excellence -  
Call for Nominations NOW OPEN!
Do you know an outstanding employee, team or leader in your organization that you would like to see recognized for their hard work? Here is your chance to do just that by nominating them for one of Electricity Human Resources Canada's 2017 Awards of Excellence.

Award categories include:
  • Leader of the Year Award
  • Emerging Leader Award
  • Innovation in HR Practices - Educational or Training Institution
  • Innovation in HR Practices- Employer
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Champion
The 2017 EHRC Awards of Excellence celebrate extraordinary achievements and give national recognition to the champions of excellence who are making a positive and tangible impact on the workforce. 

Winners  will be announced at EHRC's 2017 Awards of Excellence Luncheon being held on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, in Toronto, Ontario. 

Nominations close Tuesday, October 31, 2017! 
EHRC would like to salute those Canadian utilities who recently sent dozens of Canadian power crews south to help restore power to millions of people affected by  Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.  In addition to Ontario-based utilities the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,Prince Edward Island and Alberta sent teams down.


Since the Forum of Labour Market Ministers (FLMM) announced its strategic plan to harmonize 30 Red Seal trades in most jurisdictions by 2020, with an effort to harmonize training for two-thirds of Red Seal apprentices by 2017, the  CCDA  has made great progress.

This Fall has already been a busy one for our CEO Michelle Branigan and will continue to be as we meet with industry to present on areas of interest to our stakeholders and provide opportunities for the industry to given their feedback on the issues of the day! Highlights of past and upcoming speaking engagements include:

September 19 - 20, 2017 -  Keynote at the 5th Annual Alberta Power Symposium in Calgary.  M.Branigan spoke to the changing energy environment in Alberta and the provincial, national and international focus on carbon emission reduction and energy efficiency, with a specific focus on how this impacts labour requirements and the skills training that will be required to support a shifting environment.

October 10 - 12, 2017  -  EHRC has been invited to attend the  Generation Energy Forum  in Winnipeg, Manitoba  to speak to the future energy jobs for the next generation and to attend a roundtable with Minister Carr.

In April of this year Canada's  Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Jim Carr, launched Generation Energy, a national dialogue on Canada's path to a low-carbon future. The purpose of this dialogue is to invite all Canadians to share their ideas and participate in helping define Canada's energy future. Over this six-month period n ational conversations were held with provinces and territories, Indigenous groups, international experts and academics, and online with all Canadians through  www.generationenergy.ca  

These conversations will conclude with the national symposium, in  Winnipeg , which will allow international and Canadian experts, as well as stakeholders from a range of backgrounds, to review the ideas and opinions shared by Canadians. This information will be used to design an approach focused on how the federal government can work with the provinces and territories to create the affordable energy and innovative jobs Canadians want.


Lack of gender diversity in the electricity industry is shocking
(as featured in the Financial Post)
Studies show that diverse teams in the workplace lead to greater innovation, a positive impact an organization's bottom line, a slew of recruitment and retention benefits and increased employee commitment. In my industry, the electricity sector, however, women still represent only 25 per cent of the workforce. Furthermore, fewer than 13 per cent of practising licensed engineers are women. In the trades, that number is plummets to fewer than five per cent. Although the proportion of women in the industry is rising, it remains well below the Canadian average.

To fix this disparity, Electricity Human Resources Canada, in consultation with industry stakeholders, developed the  Leadership Accord for Gender Diversityfor the Canadian electricity industry. While organizations are increasingly establishing diversity initiatives, it is leadership (and specifically the CEO) that needs to champion this change - especially given that their actions signal the extent to which diversity is valued in an organization. So we made it an integral component to the Accord process that the CEOs must sign the certificate of commitment and declaration.
Schneider Electric has announced a new Global Family Leave policy that is industry-leading in its global scope and strengthens the company's commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

On October 2nd Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE)  held a networking event in Montreal, QC,  graciously hosted by Blakes, Cassels and Graydon which highlighted successes and opportunities associated with EHRC's Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity through a panel discussion. 

Moderated by EHRC's Julia Aitken, the panel i ncluded insight from Viviane Maraghi, Development Manager at RES Group on some of the key challenges she faced when she first entered the electricity sector and how she believes the Accord can play a role in overcoming some of these challenges for women entering the electricity sector. 
The discussion also  included insight from  Jennifer Huinink, Director, Talent and Business Change at Ontario Power Generation who spoke about what led her organization to sign the Accord and the identification of some changes which have been implemented that align with the commitments of the Accord. Lastly, the panel included Shari Jones, Supervisor, GIS & Distribution Records  at Hydro Ottawa who shared her perspectives on what changes are needed to encourage more women to join the electricity sector and the role that the Accord can play in implementing those changes.
Newest Accord Signatories & Advocates! 

We would like to extend our thanks to our newest Accord signatories :

These organizations have expressed their commitment to advancing the role of women in the sector through the implementation of a range of initiatives within their respective workplaces which aspire to the Accord vision.

We would also like to extend our thanks to our newest Accord advocates:

Advocates represent organizations who have expressed their commitment to advancing women while actively engaging in outreach,promotion and communication with constituencies about the Accord while encouraging them to sign on as signatories.
Connected Women  is a national mentorship program designed for women who are either already working in technical and/or trades occupations in the electricity sector, or are studying to enter the industry. By matching mentees with experienced industry professionals over a six-month period the Program aims to increase career entry and advancement opportunities for professional women, while helping organizations solve pending labour shortages and diversify their workforce.
Become a Mentor or a Mentee today and make a difference!
The Skills Ontario Board of Directors announces Gail Smyth's retirement as Executive Director
The Skills Ontario Board of Directors has announced the retirement of Gail Smyth as Executive Director of Skills Ontario after leading the organization for over 20 years.  
Ontario Energy Association Announces New Leadership
OEA welcomes Cynthia Hansen, Executive Vice President of Utilities and Power operations, Enbridge, as incoming Chair of the Board. Rob Lister, President and CEO of Oakville Enterprises Corporation will take over as Vice Chair.

Inspiring Leaders   Compelling Interviews with Great Leaders around the World with TED Talks storytelling to help YOU become a more Inspiring Leader. Hosted by Top Ranked Executive Coach Terry Lipovski who's on a Quest to make Inspiring Leadership Ubiquitous, this will be THE BEST 20 minutes of your week!

According to consulting firm McKinsey & Company, men vastly outnumber women in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Only 28 per cent of STEM graduates are women, and only 23 per cent of people working in high-paying STEM industries are women. Industry leaders are trying to improve those statistics and say the best way to get more women into tech is to change the conversation around what tech is - and what it's not.

How To Keep Employees Engaged With Continuing Education  (via forbes)   Think your employees are too busy to care about continuing education? Try again. Lack of growth opportunities is one of the key reasons for employee turnover, and 87% of millennials say professional development is important in a job. Here are some tips for managers looking to keep their teams engaged (even on a small budget).
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November 20 - 21, 2017

Al Monaco, President & CEO, Enbridge Inc.)
November 16, 2017

December 4-5, 2017


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