Mar. 13, 2017

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What You Need to Know About Cancer
Mar. 13, 2017

by Cathy Harris, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Coach

Cancer does not discriminate! It ravishes the body of the young and old, black and white, whether you are an athlete or a couch potato.

The major cancer that women experience is breast cancer and the major cancer that men experience is prostate cancer. So it's important to learn everything you can about cancer.

After I lost my two best friends to cancer, in order to conduct research, I interviewed holistic and natural healers, met with cancer survivors in support groups, attended seminars and workshops, and I read every book in America on cancer then I wrote my own book "Cancer Cures: Heal Your Body and Save Your Life" (available as an e-book and paperback)

I quickly found out that everyone knew at least 2 or more people who were either living with cancer or who had died from cancer.  I found out that cancer ranks as the number 2 cause of death in the United States behind heart disease, with diabetes being number 3. Diabetes is number one in the African American community. 

I recently watched the documentaries by Farrah Fawcett and Andy Whitfield, who both were fighting cancer, but did not make it. What was so appalling is both of these actors continued to eat foods that had no nutritional value.  

Instead of seeking out holistic remedies and eating NUTRIENT-DENSE diets, they both chose to work with oncologists, cancer doctors, and take the traditional route of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc., which is extremely toxic and actually puts even more cancer into your body. 

Cancer is a Billion Dollar Industry

Every American who looks to mainstream propaganda should realize by now i f a new natural or inexpensive cancer treatment is publicized, grave warnings are issued by the cancer industry, the Food and Drug Administration (, American Medical Association (AMA), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

For example, there are medical doctors and others who have openly discussed effective natural remedies and for this they are listed on the website. 

The reasons the medical profession looks at these healers as quacks is that they are actually healing people and since the medical industry is "BIG BUSINESS," it is really their goal to keep people sick and dying from cancer. THERE IS NO MONEY TO BE MADE IN CURING CANCER!

This quack watch started before the inception of the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1847. New college-trained doctors came on the scene during the 1800s amid a land full of quack folk doctors and natural remedies.

The attack on quacks was, and still is, a war on any natural, inexpensive treatment that cut into the income of college-trained doctors. 

The Cancer Industry Offers Treatments But Not Cures

The truth has been very carefully and systematically hidden from the public. So, you can see that the reasons are simple. It's about MONEY and has been for decades. All of the different vested interest groups work together to acquire money for the "Cancer Industry."

In the last 40 years there has been no significant progress on a cure for cancer in this country. Rather emphasis continues to be on treating symptoms with expensive radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, something that was already being done well before Nixon's 1971 National Cancer Act. And statistics show that the incidence of cancer is now higher than ever.

The Holistic and Natural Community Offers Cures for Cancer

Most people have become so brainwashed that they are unable to think independently. They can't believe that most cancers are easily curable. They can't believe that the cancer industry ignores alternative low-cost cancer cures. 

Chemotherapy uses pharmaceutical drugs to destroy cancer cells throughout the entire body. In this process healthy cells are also killed, damaging the immune system, making the body weak and prone to further illness.  

However, no one is allowed to cure cancer naturally because Number 1, Pharmaceutical companies profit greatly from treatments not cures; Number 2, Natural, low-cost treatments work and threaten profits.

How To Cure Cancer

All cancers are the same -- whether it's breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, etc. - they are all the same. Cancer is a mutation of cells,  an uncontrolled growth of cells that disrupts body tissues and organs. 

Cancer cells are not normal in their structure and function.  It is also suggested that cancer cells reproduce faster than normal cells, but it may be that cancer cells survive or last longer than other cells.

Most people die from cancer because they have compromised organs, therefore, it's important to eat good food, drink good water, exercise, get plenty of rest and engage in regular detox programs for your organs. 

Once cancer metastasizes to the organs, then it's too late because when one organ gives out -- they all give out because they work as a team. 

Everyone has cancer growing inside of them at this very moment, but it only manifests into a disease -- into "cancer" -- if you have a weak or undeveloped immune system; eat toxic foods; and live or work in toxic environments inside and outside of your home. 

So if you fix these 3 or 4 things, then you have essentially cured yourself of cancer and decreased or lowered your risk of ever coming down with cancer. So all women need to look to themselves for the cure for cancer. 

Kids, because of their weak and undeveloped immune system, do have more cases of cancer than adults. However, don't believe people when they tell you cancer is hereditary. 

Cancer is not hereditary, however, most family members eat the same toxic foods and live in the same toxic inside living environments and this is why you see several family members coming down with cancer or the same disease because cancer, like diabetes and other deadly diseases are FOOD-RELATED and we should also say ENVIRONMENT-RELATED diseases.

What You Need To Know
  • Many thousands are employed in, or associated with, the cancer industry including the, American Medical Association (AMA), American Cancer Society (ACS), National Cancer Institute (NCI), drug companies, doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, healthcare providers, medical equipment suppliers, etc. and the CEOs and staff don't ever expect to have their paychecks reduced.
  • Think about this for a minute, one in four people will get cancer in their lifetime. That's 25%! The average treatment cost is over $200,000 per person. There are billions of dollars being made every year, all while keeping the truth about the cure for cancer hidden.                                                     
  • The various conventional treatments for cancer (chemotherapy (or chemo for short), radiation, surgery, etc.), do nothing to cure cancer because they address symptoms only. The root cause is not a primary concern.                                                           
  • Profits are extremely large because pharmaceutical companies normally markup their products from 2000% to 500,000% and expect these huge profits because they have unique, patented products approved by the and the American Medical Association (AMA).                                                                                                      
  • Many millions are funneled into Washington to protect drug company profits (for example, Pfizer spent $5.4 million dollars just in one quarter lobbying to protect its products and commercial interests).                                          
  • Healthcare is about money and cancer treatment is no exception. A Medicare managed HMO plan raised chemotherapy and radiation co-payments from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Patients who could not afford this went without treatment, but could have cured themselves naturally.                                       
  • Tons of Americans are without health insurance or lack meaningful insurance. Being diagnosed with cancer with inadequate insurance can have severe consequences (unless you deal with the holistic and natural community). Even those with acceptable health insurance, may have claims rejected in certain instances.                                
  • The pharmaceutical companies have created this reality, the drug which blocks a specific hormone from breast tumors costs Canadians less than $30, but in the U.S. the price can be greater than $200.                                                       
  • It has been alleged that some doctors will not refer their patients to other doctors so as not to lose business. It has also been asserted that a few doctors, knowing that treatments for cancer are ineffective, continue treating their patients just to receive payments.                                                 
  • Natural remedies for cancer already exist and are freely available. But the remedies and cures are not patentable property of any person or business.  

Cancer can be cured and you can keep yourself and your family from coming down with cancer in the first place -- if you boost your immune system, stop eating toxic foods and stop living and working in toxic environments. But many people are not willing to change their ways, so therefore, they will continue to perish from cancer.

Action Step (Homework)
  • Read my book "Cancer Cures: Heal Your Body and Save Your Life" (available as an e-book and paperback). The book will walk you through the entire process if you come down with cancer and how to keep from coming down with cancer in the first place.
  • Commit to eating and feeding your family good, clean, organic foods only, especially antioxidants.
  • Commit to cleaning up your inside living environment by using only natural body and cleaning products.
  • Make sure your organs are in good shape by engaging in a good diet, good water, exercising regularly, getting plenty of rest and engaging in regular detoxification.
Book Trailer - Cancer Cures: Heal Your Body and Save Your Life
Book Trailer - Cancer Cures: Heal Your Body and Save Your Life

Available as e-book on
Available as e-book on
Available as e-book on
Available as Paperback

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